Ultraframe Conservatory Roof Manufacturing Process

21st January 2023

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Ultraframe Conservatory Roof Manufacturing Process

If you’ve ordered a new or replacement Ultraframe conservatory roof and are wondering what happens once you’ve placed your order with your installer, then this is your chance to find out!

Many highly skilled staff from your chosen installation company and Ultraframe work together to take your conservatory from order to completion. 14 main stages take place to make this happen. Every Ultraframe conservatory roof is bespoke and made to order, and every roof has to go through every step in this process.

Here are the 14 main steps involved in manufacturing Ultraframe conservatory roofs.

Conservatory Design

1. In the first instance, a surveyor from your local Ultraframe retailer will visit your home to discuss the aims of your conservatory or extension project. You may already have your own ideas about how you want to add extra living space to your home, but your surveyor will also be able to offer some great ideas suited to your property. The surveyor will also take measurements during this visit and note site conditions and any other factors that may need to be considered during the design of your conservatory.


2. Once you have decided on your chosen conservatory or extension design, a quote will be prepared for you to consider. If you have asked for different options, you may have several quotes to decide between. Your Ultraframe retailer will give you time to make your decision and will be available to help you and answer any questions you may have. Once you have considered your conservatory or extension quote and decided, a salesperson will come back to your home to take your order.


3. Your Ultraframe retailer will then send your design through to Ultraframe by email. At this point, your project will get logged into the Ultraframe conservatory roof processing system. Each job is given a unique reference number and a provisional delivery date.


4. Your chosen conservatory or extension design will then arrive at Ultraframe by email and is logged into Ultraframe’s conservatory roof processing system. Your roof order will be given its own unique job number, and a provisional delivery date will be allocated.


U-design software

5. A member of Ultraframe’s conservatory design team will then check your roof design in the U-design software. U-design is a unique piece of conservatory design software that analyses the worst wind and snow loads possible at your exact postcode location and then ensures that your roof is designed to withstand these from a structural point of view. This means that you can be assured of complete peace of mind about the stability of your new conservatory or extension, whatever the weather.


6. Your design will then be passed to your installer or builder at this point for them to show to you and check that everything looks as you had imagined.


7. If you want to tweak your new conservatory's design, now is the time to do it! Then, once you have approved the order, the delivery date for your conservatory roof will be confirmed, and the glass for your conservatory roof will be ordered.


8. Now that your conservatory roof order is confirmed, the order is passed to Ultraframe’s manufacturing planning team. This team is responsible for planning to manufacture the many conservatory roofs manufactured by Ultraframe, which are fitted in extensions and conservatories all around the UK. The roofs go through a process known as optimising, which means that the team work out which roofs should be made in batches together to ensure maximum efficiencies in terms of wastage. Optimising the roofs means that you can be assured that your Ultraframe roof has been made in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible.


Ultraframe Warehouse

9. Ultraframe’s warehouse will then issue all the materials needed for your specific roof.


10. Once the parts reach Ultraframe’s high-tech manufacturing hub, they are cut to size, drilled, assembled and sprayed/foiled. The spraying/foiling process is for coloured conservatory roofs. Dependent on the colour chosen for your conservatory roof, a coloured foil may be applied to the profile using heat to seal it, or the profile may be sprayed with a hard-wearing colour compound. 


Ultraframe manufacturing

11. There are quality checks at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that your conservatory roof will fit together perfectly and be structurally sound.


12. After passing through a final finishing process, all parts are photographed for proof. Each piece is then picked and packed by hand.


13. All components that make up each conservatory roof are then loaded into a metal stillage. The stillage protects the carefully manufactured components and ensures they remain pristine during transit. These stillages are then sent to Ultraframe’s distribution depot.


Ultraframe conservatory process

14. In the distribution depot, the stillages are loaded into vehicles, dependent on their delivery location.


15. Your finished conservatory roof will then be delivered to your installer or builder’s premises or even directly to your home address, ready for installation to begin. 


Ultraframe lorry

A huge amount of work goes into producing each bespoke Ultraframe conservatory roof, and it’s incredible to think that all of this happens in just 5-7 days from when you confirm your order!


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