How would you describe your perfect home?

If you ask a child to draw a picture of their house, no matter the shape or size, you get a very similar drawing; front door, four windows, brick, tiled roof and a nice tree outside.


Child's drawing of houseAs we grow our opinions of what a house should look like from the outside doesn’t change.


Most people, though hesitant to admit it, do judge at first sight. If we see something we like we are immediately drawn to it.


Choosing a house is no different, we choose options primarily based on what we see, and we then research into the finer detail.


For example, bricks, if you are from the North you will see more red brick, if you’re in London and Cambridgeshire you will see more creams and yellows.


Once you’ve made this decision you may then be swayed by brick bonds, never did you think this would influence your decision but, alas, the brick bond may have been a deciding factor.


Flemish bond, English bond and Stretcher bond – a world you never knew you could enter.


Once you have un-knowingly, in a split second, made a judgement on the house, or on someone else’s house, that is the opinion that will stick, good or bad.


Twenty years ago, bricks aside, if a house had a conservatory it was a house that you aspired to own. The polycarbonate roof, though innovative for its time, twenty years later can, if not maintained, look dated and tired. This is when a person could immediately think a new conservatory is needed; however, a replacement roof is a solution that is now an achievable and affordable option.


As new build homes have developed to meet our ever growing and ever demanding wants and needs the conservatory has also evolved.


Gone are the days of the polycarbonate, gone are the days of set styles to stick to, hot days in summer and cold days in winter.


Conservatories can now be defined as extensions to your home, the same tiles you have on your roof can become your tiled conservatory, that extra room that from the inside gives the space and light you dreamed of but from the outside is the image in your head you’ve had since being a child.



The on-going innovation of the conservatory industry is constantly moving forward, taking learnings from the past, home builders and the window and roofing sector, there has never been a better time for a home owner to get exactly what they want.


For those stood looking at their polycarbonate conservatory thinking this product is only for new projects, think again! Ultraroof380 can replace glass, hybrid and, yes, polycarbonate conservatory roofs.


For those stood looking at an empty garden longing for that extra space you have the freedom to choose any style conservatory or extension!


One of the latest developments comes in the form of the Ultraroof380 Tiled Replacement Roof, available in Carbon Grey, Harvest Brown and Terra Brick, this product has been carefully and thoughtfully adapted to become an extension of your home both inside and out.


UltraTile options


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