Could I add an atrium to my flat roof?

A flat roof can be pretty uninspiring. This style of roof may be functional, although it requires higher maintenance than a pitched roof, but it is easy and relatively cheap to install. A flat roof is often added to an extension as part of DIY project or built to order but just because it’s there, doesn't mean you have to love it – and you don’t have to live with it any longer either. Adding an atrium can be an inspired choice and will instantly transform that dull flat surface above you head into an airy space of light that will actually lift the spirits.

There’s nothing new about atriums, in fact the ancient Romans used them as a means of drawing in light and air to their otherwise dark interiors. The advent of glazing has helped to make atriums more popular and they have become a thoroughly modern architectural feature that is often included in the original design of a building, or one that can be easily added to an existing flat roof.

Until you’ve experienced the difference an atrium can make to a living space, it’s hard to appreciate how opening up the space above you, seems to integrate your home with the outdoors. An atrium roof is ideal, for instance, for south-facing areas where you may want added ventilation or where condensation can be a problem. At Quantal, we’ve been installing atriums for many years and our bespoke products are engineered to the highest standards. A concern that people sometimes have about adding an atrium is that although it allows in the warmth of the sun during the day, heat can also escape through the glass.

Our atrium roof kits are fastened to a timber kerb or lantern frame to reduce any cold bridging and improve overall thermal performance. If a gutter is considered necessary for the atrium, or internal cladding needs to be maintained, we can adapt the atrium to fit and to match existing architectural features and styles, from the classic and period, to the thoroughly modern.

Installing an atrium may be one of the smartest decision you make and can be accomplished in less time than you might think.