A Classic Solution

Approximately twenty percent of homeowners make the decision to retrofit blinds onto their conservatories, a process that can prove extremely costly and time consuming. Andrew Thomson, Director of Design and Development at Ultraframe explains why engaging with the customer about the issue of privacy and glare at the outset of a sale, can provide a massive opportunity for retailers looking to increase profits by branching out and cross selling into this area.

Ultraframe Classic Plus conservatory roof

Historically, privacy and glare are issues that are not always openly discussed when selling a conservatory, however once fitted, it isn’t long before the homeowner discovers these realities for themselves and often install blinds as a solution.

Furthermore, retrofitting traditional pleated roof blinds can prove costly for consumers, a significant purchase that they hadn’t factored into their budgets.

While in some instances retailers are making a small percentage rebate by referring consumers to national blind brands, the potential sales value that is being missed by not offering a solution to these issues, is significant.

A Superior Solution

In a bid to combat this issue, Ultraframe has developed a range of integrated conservatory roof shades which have been specifically designed to fit seamlessly into its innovative Classic Plus roof to create privacy, enhance winter comfort levels and provide a dappled screening in summer, ensuring the overall conservatory is finished to a high standard.



Having been recently refreshed for Spring 2011, Ultraframe’s range of Shades include 24 fabrics and 13 wood weaves to choose from, each one offering differing levels of light transmittance and solar protection.

Shades provide a more cost effective alternative to retro fitted blinds and feature no unsightly strings, gaps or light bleed. There are also no fixings puncturing the primary roof structure.

Fully integrated into the Classic Plus roof system, Ultraframe Shades can be fitted to the whole roof, one slope or even just in one panel - rectangular panels can even be make to slide up and down.

Innovative Design

To ensure a solution which is aesthetically pleasing but is also technically superior, Ultraframe Shades have been carefully designed to work alongside Ultraframe’s proven Classic Plus roof. The innovative design of this roof allows for quick and easy installation - all fits are simple, snap together, pre-prepped tight joints.

While retaining the same popular external finish and internal robust engineering as the Ultraframe Classic, the Classic Plus roof features deeper internals, meaning the glazing bars mimic timber joists. It is also extremely thermally efficient using PVC chambered wall technology both internally and externally.





Ultraframe Classic Plus components


The Classic Plus features eavesflow between bars at the eaves, giving enhanced crossflow ventilation and better comfort levels for the homeowner. The ridge board profile is also deeper and uses chambered technology which provides the perfect place to hide cable runs or recess spotlights

A Great Selling Tool

A retailer that has enjoyed success with Ultraframe’s Classic Plus and Shades is Jardine Window and Conservatories on the Fylde Coast. By offering the Classic Plus at cost price, the retailer has found that 70 – 80% of all customers go for this option, with 40% choosing the Shades at point of purchase. Those who don’t buy the Shades at point of purchase, have the reassurance that with the Classic Plus they can fit them at a later date instead of retrofitting blinds.

Jardine Windows and Conservatories see the Classic Plus and Shades system as a great selling tool and are pleased that they can now offer and fit blinds for their customers, ensuring that the profit stays with them instead of going elsewhere.

The Ultraframe Classic Plus Roof and Shades solution provides fabricators and distributors with the potential to increase their profits and meet the wants and needs of their customers, now and in the future.

Ultraframe is creating nationwide dealership opportunities, with limited opportunities in each postcode, for retailers looking to take advantage of these innovative solutions. To sign up to be a Classic Plus and Shades dealer, or for further information on Classic Plus and Shades, please talk to you local fabricator, distributor or call Ultraframe on 0843 208 6971.

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