Tie Bar Replacement Kit

Uniquely available now on Ultraframe conservatories featuring our Classic roofing system

On larger sized or glass roofed conservatories, tie bars are often necessary to ensure the structural integrity of the conservatory.

These are the bars that run across the width of the conservatory at roof height. Whilst we have tried to make them as decorative as possible, we know that often conservatory owners would prefer not to have a tie bar and sometimes remove them, leaving the conservatory structurally unsound.

To combat this problem, Ultraframe have developed a tie bar replacement kit for use with our Classic roof system.

Developed by our Research and Development team, the kit comprises 5 different elements, which, together provide the same structural stability as a traditional tie bar, but allow for a greater feeling of space and height within the conservatory due to the absence of a tie bar.

The images on this page show one conservatory with a traditional tie bar, and another conservatory featuring the Ultraframe tie bar replacement kit.

For further details on the tie bar replacement kit or any other Ultraframe products ask your local Ultra Installer who will be more than happy to help out