What questions to ask before ordering a conservatory?

What questions to ask before ordering a conservatory?

Choosing to add a conservatory to your home isn't something to be undertaken lightly. Whether you need help choosing the style of conservatory or advice finding the right workman to fit it, there are plenty of questions you should consider before parting with cash. Here's our list of questions to ask before you go ahead and sign on the dotted line...

1. Firstly, find out as much as you can about the conservatory installer. It's great if they come with a personal recommendation from a friend, but if not, make sure you ask them questions such as... Have they done any other conservatory installation work locally? Do they have any customer testimonials and/or pictures of previous work undertaken? What about certificates to authenticate that they are skilled and qualified to carry out this work?

Once you've decided that the installer is right for the job and is going to fit your conservatory to your exacting standards, you can then move on to discuss what sort of conservatory will be right for you. Ask questions such as these...

2. What sort of style do they think would suit your house and personal style?

3. What sort of conservatory can you get with your allocated budget?

4. How long will the installation of the conservatory take and will there be any other things to take into consideration? For instance, noise levels and working hours.

5. Once you've decided on the style of conservatory you want, it's a good idea to ask whether the installers offer a design service. This will be drawn up by the installers design team and will basically show how your conservatory will look once it's finished.

6. Ask for a breakdown of the costs. This is a great way to find out exactly where all your hard earned cash is going. What's more, if there are any 'extras' included (such as blinds) and you don't want them - you'll be able to get these removed from the quote.

7. If you've got any hesitation about your potential conservatory installer do a search for them on the internet - this is always a great way of finding out how true to their word they are.