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How We Test Our Conservatories

17th October 2014

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Conservatories have to be extremely sturdy and safe, and to withstand the worst environmental conditions that the British weather can throw at them. That’s especially true of the roof, which gives the whole of the overall structure its stability. Your peace of mind depends on this factor, which is why we take it so seriously.

At Ultraframe, we know it’s not enough to test a conservatory ourselves, even though our own testing processes in our labs are rigorous and through. We are, of course, already confident that our roofing systems have been designed to the most stringent engineering principles. However, third-party accreditation and testing from independent agencies is also important for reassurance and extra peace of mind.

Getting the Right Test

That’s why all Ultraframe roofing systems have 25 year British Board of Agrément (BBA) certificates of life expectancy. Not only that, but we were the first in the sector to be awarded this accreditation. The BBA is one of the leading notified bodies in the UK which approves, tests and certifies organisations in the construction industry which manufacture and install products and systems.

To gain certification, organisers need to show they are competent and professional, and able to realise their full potential. BBA approval is widely recognised and acknowledged throughout the construction industry, by everyone from insurers to the government to architects and local authorities. This means you won’t have to settle for anything less.

We also understand that installation quality can play a huge factor in how well your conservatory performs, which is why we test and assess all of our Approved Ultra Installers before they become part of our system. Designing a leading roof can become easily bypassed if not fitted by a professional and reliable installer.

Getting the Right Result

We also challenged another industry leading body, Wintech, to see how the Ultraframe conservatory roof performed when subjected to heavy wind loads, and to see how the competition compared. Again, we were groundbreakers, since Wintech had never tested a complete structure in this way before. We pride ourselves on always working to push the boundaries, standing at the frontier of conservatory quality.

We asked them to look at wind uplift and study key roof joints. Wintech appointed fitters, who were independent, and worked to each manufacturer’s guidelines in building a conservatory roof on top of identical, regulation issue sideframes. This way, we were able to achieve a reliable an unbiased result from the test. We have nothing to hide when it comes to the quality we offer, which is why we wanted to make things as transparent as possible.

Testing was done with an aero engine which blasts wind to the conservatory from the side of it, which can travel over the roof, and there was also an uplift force equivalent to up to 130mph on the glazing of the roof, which was literally trying to raise the rafters! The test ‘maxed out’, meaning the equipment could not exert any more pressure, and Ultraframe conservatories passed it with flying colours.

A Range of Market-Leading Conservatories

Now that you know you’ll be getting the best for your home, it seems worth looking at the styles of conservatory that we offer and the sort of features that can be fitted with. Our conservatories are available in three unique styles; performance, design and classic. Each one of these styles upholds its own unique standard of performance and quality, so you’ll be able to find the right one for you, your home and your preferences.

Our conservatories will also prove to be a living area that remains warm and comfortable throughout the year, upholding a degree of thermal efficiency that keeps you warm in the colder months and cool in the hotter ones. Our modern designs bypass the usual conservatory problems of being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter to become a worthwhile investment.

Our conservatories can also be fitted with our intelligently designed internal pelmets and super insulated columns. Both of these factors enable you to capture a seamless, ‘room-like’ feel for your home whilst still benefitting from all of the benefits that come with the Ultraframe system. The internal pelmet can also house a range of lighting and speaker options.

Find Your Nearest Conservatory Installer

Tried, Tested and trusted, our conservatories have proven themselves to hold steadfast against a wide variety of testing and assessment procedures. We also design our roofs to meet the snow and wind loads in your postcode, so you can enjoy a standard of quality that has been tailored to you. Enjoy complete peace of mind, today.

Finding your nearest Approved Ultra Installer is made easy with our innovative system, which allows us to put you in touch with your nearest specialist quickly and easily. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy leading standards of professionalism, reliability, efficiency and promptness, sooner, easier and without the hassle.

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