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Redefining the Conservatory

3rd April 2012

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Ultraframe’s Sales and Marketing Director reveals that there is life in the future of the Conservatory………..but not as we know it

Coming into the industry I have noticed a real polarisation in the attitude to business of Fabricators, some are set in their ways and keep doing the same old same old, complaining about lower volumes from the heyday of the conservatory, (some 50%-60% down from the peak according to Palmer) complaints about reduced margins and severe competition, believing that they are victims of the market and can do little to change the landscape.

Others, however, see that they have to change their business model, be more creative, be forward thinking and ultimately add value to their business proposition. At Ultraframe we are fortunate, the core of our fabricator network and indeed our other channels to market, are firmly of the belief that they have to tailor their businesses to suit the fast changing and growing demands of a the end client. These will be the businesses that thrive at the expense of others.

For our part, we have to continually strive to deliver, creating a platform from which our network can prosper. Quality and service are a given in this day and age, although I am shocked with the attitude of some of our competitors suggesting that fit for purpose is good enough, or that column inches of spin will overcome the inadequacies of their product.

I think most people see this for what it is, the real high ground is earned by delivering on what today’s demanding and discerning consumer really wants, ultimately it is the consumer that is driving change throughout our industry supply chain and in my view we had better listen to them if we want our industry to prosper.

Here’s What Our Consumers Thought

We recently undertook some consumer research. The results vindicated our product development and innovation strategy and helped shape the future generation of new products currently under development.

 Our appointed market research company were tasked with identifying two groups of respondents, couples that had purchased a conservatory and couples that were starting the journey to buying a conservatory.

Without exception every couple that had bought a standard conservatory would have changed their buying decision had they seen some of the options including our insulated internal pelmet Orangery, even at the higher price point.

Couples on the buying journey, were not aware of the variety of conservatory design options available today and wanted to know more about where to see and buy some of our products like Veranda, insulated internal pelmet and the wide variety of coloured roof options.

This has led us to rethink our entire consumer marketing strategy.  Our consumers are looking for a different kind of structure and a standard conservatory whilst it has its appeal, has to be evolved to meet modern day demands.

We are very much on a journey at Ultraframe, looking to redefine the conservatory and deliver consumers what they really want, not what the industry thinks they want. To do this we have gone back to the basics, being new to the industry.

I have deduced that whilst the standard conservatory remains an aspirational purchase; but for many, it is a practical, affordable, quick easy solution to delivering additional space, only they don’t really know where to get this from……………yet.

Where Will You Begin Your Journey?

At Ultraframe, we are consumer-led. We want to provide you – our customer – with a conservatory that looks and performs the way you need it to. That’s why we thought we’d take a closer look at two of the products mentioned in this article: the insulated internal pelmet Orangery and Veranda.

Insulated internal pelmet Orangery

The insulated internal pelmet Orangery adeptly combines the benefits of a conservatory and an extension. You’ll benefit from a solid structure that lets in lots of light and makes your conservatory feel more like a room that you’ll enjoy spending time in all year round.

A key advantage of the insulated internal pelmet Orangery is that it’s compatible with the Ultraframe Classic system, which is compatible with roofs of all different designs and configurations. The roof’s design can be tailored to include polycarbonate or glass.

Your brand new insulated internal pelmet Orangery can conform to a different design formats, including Victorian and lean-to. A suspended ceiling can be used to ensure structural continuity and the frame and brick work can be designed to suit the style of your home.

Ultraframe Veranda

If you want a conservatory that looks like no other available on the market today, take a closer look at the Ultraframe Veranda. Equipped with all the usual benefits of a conservatory, it goes one step further to create a design that’s truly outstanding.

The glazing bars built into the roof of the Ultraframe Veranda conservatory overshoot the structure to create a glazed overhang. This has the effect of creating a shelter that you’ll be able to relax under, no matter what the weather may bring.

The side walls of your Veranda conservatory can be built from masonry or glazed; or you could use one for each end of your structure. The inclusion of aluminium bi-fold doors will really open out your new space and help connect it to your garden.

Find Your Nearest Ultraframe Installer

To find out more about Ultraframe’s insulated internal pelmet orangery or Veranda conservatory, you can use our free installer search tool to find accredited companies in your local area. In under a minute, you could have the contact details of a reputable firm.

Your installer will also be able to discuss other Ultraframe products with you. Ask about our range of conservatories, orangeries and house extensions when calling – or ask a member of our team to call you when submitting your details through our website.

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