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Ultraframe Conservatories Help You Breathe More Easily

7th February 2008

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Our conservatories comprise a unique, leading design that works to ensure your comfort throughout the year. Their ventilation properties are absolutely invaluable when it comes to the warmer summer months, where you could find your conservatory becomes more like an oven than somewhere to relax.

Before we start, here is some useful information:

·         ‘Ventilation’ is the intentional movement of air from outside a building to the inside.

·         ‘Ventilation Rate’ is the rate at which air within a building is replaced by fresh air. It may be expressed as:

• Number of times the volume of air within a space is changed in one hour (air changes per hour or ach).

• Rate of air change in volume and time, e.g. litres per second (l/s).

Ventilation is essential in any building or structure, more so than a conservatory. Ventilation is necessary for providing fresh air, removing stale air and helping to control the internal temperature – especially important in conservatories where the high % of glazing in the overall structure can lead to fluctuations in internal temperature if not properly designed and specified.

In years gone by, ventilation was unwittingly provided by draughts in buildings which were not built to the exacting standards of those constructed today. This can become a problem during the winter months, when a bitter wind can prove to be detrimental to your comfort and home performance. Nobody wants cold feet and toes when they are watching the telly.

Building Regulations

As Building Regulations were gradually tightened to control the quality of the new homes that began to appear in post-war Britain, it became apparent that mechanical or forced ventilation was necessary to maintain a comfortable interior temperature in dwellings. This prompted a change in how things were approached.

Trickle ventilation and other methods are now used as standard in new buildings. Although conservatories do not generally fall under Building Regulations (unless all or part of it is being used as a kitchen), it is now widely accepted as good practice that ventilation is a vital factor to consider when designing a conservatory.

All Ultraframe conservatory roofing systems feature ventilation as standard, essential to manage temperature, airflow and to minimise condensation, so creating a valuable living space that can be used throughout all the seasons of the year. Come rain or shine, you’ll have somewhere you can relax in style.

Better Ventilation

For many homeowners, times are hard right now. The ‘credit crunch’ that has claimed companies in our industry already is proving to be just as difficult for people looking to enhance their home, with less money than ever to spend on big ticket items such as home extensions and conservatories that uphold an exceptional standard.

Ventilation is one of the areas where Ultraframe surpasses its competitors. Trickle ventilation is included as standard on every Classic roof to ensure a steady and constant flow of air. Combine this with effective optional Eavesflow ventilation to create optimal cross flow ventilation, harnessing convection currents to ventilate the conservatory environment. This way, you’ll be able to bring a new addition to your home that sets the standard.

Our Marketing Manager commented:

“Here at Ultraframe we have always strived to consider ventilation when designing our roofing systems – it’s one of the single most important factors in creating a conservatory that is a true room for all seasons. Users of our products can benefit from the high level of ventilation technology that features on every Ultraframe roof, as well as taking each individual site into account and factoring in further ventilation measures as necessary.

The ventilation provided by the roof of a conservatory is just one piece of the jigsaw in ensuring that a suitable interior atmosphere is maintained – but is a vital piece none-the-less. As consumers become more discerning, how they define a conservatory has changed. No longer is it a room solely for a relaxing during the summer months – a conservatory is now a living space, often a central and integral part of any family home and so whilst many think of ventilation as something to consider once the ‘major’ decisions about style etc have been made – it is actually a vital feature of any modern conservatory and should, as such be given due consideration and care.”

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The ventilation of our conservatories is a result of our investment into research and development, as well as our commitment to delivering the very best standards to homeowners. By choosing an Ultraframe conservatory, you’ll be able to enjoy leading standards of thermal efficiency, security, durability and design.

Find your nearest approved Ultra Installer today to benefit from unrivalled standards of professionalism, reliability, promptness and reliability. We test and assess all of our Network members before we approve them, so you won’t have to worry about an inferior service throughout the installation.

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