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The Old Classics Are Still The Best

13th March 2008

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As you would expect from a company with a 30-year heritage of innovation and technical superiority, Ultraframe continues to develop its market-leading Classic conservatory roofing system. The Ultraframe Classic Roof system was the original volume conservatory roofing system and is still widely acknowledged as the most configurable and technically advanced roof on the market. With unmatched flexibility, Classic can cope with virtually any conservatory design and boasts many fitter friendly features. You may think that this product has been in the market long enough to meet all anticipated needs but markets are constantly developing and the Ultraframe Research & Development Team never rest on its laurels, ensuring the Classic system continues to represent product excellence at the cutting edge.

Ultraframe recognise that sometimes it’s the little things that count. Small tweaks and enhancements to a strong existing product such as Classic can make all the difference to those who are fitting the product day in, day out – saving both installation time and any potential for down-the-line service calls.

The most recent enhancements to the Classic system are the introduction of a twin bolt and an improved glass clip; both enhancements have been favourably welcomed by customers.

The twin bolt is essentially the switch from a single glazing bar bolt to a twin bolt on a spacer carriage for transom bars, with new style single bolts for starter and Georgian bars. Fitters will appreciate that it is much easier to align one twin bolt carriage rather than two individual bolts and so this clever piece of kit means an installation can be carried out in less time and without the need to be fiddling with the alignment of two individual bolts. A twin bolt is also easier for the fitter to slide along the eaves beam’s captivated bolt slot and rotate to the correct pitch.
The enlargement of the hole in the glazing bar from 7mm to 9mm, necessitates a ‘spigot’ nut to take up the additional clearance as the 6mm diameter bolt now sits in a bigger hole. The spigot nut centres the bolts and ensures a robust joint. The insertion of a 6mm bolt into a 9mm hole (instead of the 7mm hole previously) is much easier too, particularly in certain situations e.g. with long bar spans or when it’s the first bar on and the frames are not yet aligned. The twin bolt, although a small item in the physical sense, brings some great benefits for fitting teams.

The recently refined glass clip on the industry’s favourite system offers a wider base for additional support of each sealed unit. This new component clip is made from structural plastic and features a multi angle grommet that fits over the handed post. The glass clip – base part – is usually aligned to the bar end and is independent of the glazing bar bolts .The clip uses a drill/fix screw and is deployed in all pitch situations.

The main benefits of this innovative new glazing support clip for sealed unit retention are:
• Independent of glazing bar bolts
• 100% usable in all roof pitch situations
• Grommet offers increased support to the sealed unit

Andrew Thomson, Design and Development Director at Ultraframe said: “Classic was the original conservatory roofing system and is still widely recognised as the best there is. With unmatched flexibility it can cope with any roof design and the fitter friendly features further enhance its’ popularity with installation teams. The renowned Ultraframe R&D team continue to strive for improvements by challenging the existing roof system and components to make it the best it can be, thereby maintaining Classic’s technical superiority.”

Other innovative enhancements to the Classic system over recent years include the anchor clip, tie bar replacement kit, improved raised back box gutter, bolster bar end caps and a tie bar boss – many as a direct result of customer feedback.

But Ultraframe isn’t finished just yet. 2008 promises to be a really exciting year with further large scale developments for the Classic system.

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