The Age of Aluminium

Drivers such as a desire for wider colour choices have resulted in an increase in the demand for aluminium conservatory roofs. As a result, leading designer and manufacturer of conservatory roof solutions, Ultraframe, has launched a new suite of aluminium claddings which is set to transform the industry.

Ultraframe aluminium conservatory roofing system

Further enhancing the proven technology used in Ultraframe’s Classic, the most popular conservatory roof on the market, the new Ultraframe Classic Aluminium suite combines state-of-the-art ideas and design technologies with elegant, contemporary profiles to provide a strong, rigid yet lightweight system that can be configured into virtually any roof design, to suit a wide range of consumer tastes.

The range features aluminium glazing bar top caps, aluminium ridge body and low profile cresting, and aluminium cast ridge end, integral brush and weathering flashing, as standard. There is also the option to add a traditional cresting and ball finial too.

It is the only aluminium suite on the market to offer a Cornice option decorative – a decorative fascia designed to hide the PVC gutter and give the conservatory an enhanced appearance – other systems on the market make do with a PVC gutter. Further enhancements are planned to this unique Cornice with a die cast 135 and 90 degree corner cover, which will help fitters achieve a consistent fit and finish at critical junctions.



Ultraframe aluminium cornice

When selling the Ultraframe Classic aluminium roof, retailers have the choice between two different shaped transom top caps; a contemporary and a traditional option. In addition, because the choice of RAL colour has such a big influence on the overall look and feel of a conservatory, Ultraframe offers a wide range of gloss, satin, matt and special metal flake finishes ensuring retailers can provide a finish to suit all tastes.

All Ultraframe top caps in the range utilise innovative Schlegel Q-lon gaskets which are inserted into the glazing bar top cap slots. Due to their unique design shape, when under compression, these gaskets create a double weatherseal, remaining operational and elastic even in the worst of weather conditions, without any loss in seal.

The Ultraframe Classic aluminium roof also takes a different approach to top cap retention. To ensure that there is a constant thermal break and that no fixings puncture the primary weatherproofing, Ultraframe has developed a new patented device which is simply ‘zipped’ into the head of the aluminium bar whilst the roof is being built. These spring clip security devices are then deployed at 500mm centres on site, nipped into final position before – with no more than the heel of the hand – the top cap is finally secured.





Ultraframe aluminium top caps


To ensure that retailers have all the tools and knowledge required in order to sell this innovative roofing option, the Classic aluminium range comes with a comprehensive installation guide which includes details on how to install the roof as well as detailed information on retouching, maintenance and cleaning of the aluminium painted finish which fitters can pass on to the homeowner to ensure that proper care is taken during the lifespan of the product.

While the range is durable and comes with a coating lifetime guarantee of up to forty years, it is important that installers and fabricators take additional care and attention when fitting these systems.

To ensure that those handling and fitting aluminium products have all the information they need, Ultraframe has produced a six point checklist:

1. Special care and attention is needed from the moment the delivery takes place – it is important to always carefully inspect the system upon receipt and mark the delivery note accordingly if there are issues. Be careful when storing in workshops and tying on to van racks. Finally, be aware of any knives being used to slit packaging.

2. Ensure that you install the system using the correct tools and protective coverings. For example, Ultraframe recommends a timber block be used when tapping products into place. Always be aware of the impact of swarf on the coating.

3. Grease marks, dirt and mastic spillage may be removed using white spirit which will not soften the paint. Under no circumstances should additional filming be undertaken or clear lacquers applied.

4. Should any site cutting or drainage slots need producing, the cuts should be coated with an air drying paint system including a primer/corrosion inhibitor and a top coat and/or a suitable gap sealant to prevent the onset of corrosion.

5. Should the paint be damaged and bare aluminium is the result, carefully;
- use fine 120-360 grit abrasive paper
- clean with wipe spirit
- ensure the surface is dry before applying a thin priming coat with a fine brush
- apply air drying top coat with the fine brush

6. Some gaskets used by alternative providers have been manufactured with silicones or have used silicone sprays in the extrusion process which can prove to be a problem when self cleaning glass is used. However with the Ultraframe system, all the gaskets have been approved by Pilkington for use with their Activ glass.

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