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29th January 2009

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Thursday 29th January, 2009

During these trying economic times, leads are harder than ever to come by and every sale more precious than they have been for a long time. Not only do retail installation companies have to work harder and smarter to generate sales leads, but as competition for every pound spent becomes more intense, consumers are becoming more thorough than ever in their choice of installation company.

In times gone by a discussion with a salesman and a brochure showing past installations may have been enough to convince them that this was the ‘right man for the job’, now every aspect of the purchase is being examined in more detail as the consumer tries to ensure that not only are they getting the best value for money, but also that they are spending their money wisely – employing a company who will not only provide great service, but will also use the best products to protect their investment and ensure they get maximum returns, as well as maximum enjoyment.

Driven by the current economic situation, consumers are spending far longer on the decision making process. A simple marketing model – A.I.D.A. - charting the buyer behaviour process is a useful foundation for understanding the thought processes that your potential customers are going through:

  • Awareness – a product or service is brought to the attention of a consumer. In the case of a conservatory, this may be an advert in a local paper or on TV, or it may be that a friend or family member has had a conservatory installed.
  • Interest – The consumer has a positive reaction to the product they have become aware of and develop an interest.
  • Desire – the consumer has moved on a stage and is now starting to desire a conservatory for themselves (this is where the impact of marketing is particularly important)
  • Action - the consumer makes an action towards making the purchase.

Assisted by the Internet, consumers are now able to gather a wealth of information about the conservatory buying process, and the various products involved in the construction of a conservatory. Whereas many did not used to realise that a conservatory is made up from different components (from different sources) such as the basework, side frames, roof, glazing etc – this information is now openly available, and with the strong focus on global warming and other environmental issues, they are also privy to knowing the many performance requirements that products have to meet. Add to this the trend for ‘rogue trader’ type programmes which have unfortunately; blackened the name of our industry over the years and it all adds up to making a sale seem like a mammoth task! So what can installers do to satisfy these information hungry consumers?

The simple answer is to use the very best products which are backed up by independent testing, coupled with an outstanding range of marketing support materials that will satisfy even the queries of even the most savvy of potential conservatory buyers.

Ultraframe is renowned as the market leading conservatory roofing system and was the first company to gain independent third party accreditation for a conservatory roof with the BBA certificate. In 2008 an independent agency was commissioned to test an Ultraframe roof and found it far surpassed any weather conditions likely to be encountered in the UK. Users of the Ultraframe system have access to a wide range of marketing support materials, comprising everything from samples to retail literature and a comprehensive homeowner website which not only shows imagery of the different styles and options available, but explains the importance of the roof in the overall conservatory structure and explains in simple terms the importance of choosing an Ultraframe roof. Add into this mix the Ultra Installer Scheme – helping homeowners to select an independently accredited user of the Ultraframe system to fit their conservatory for total peace of mind. Finally, software is available to enable installers to design each individual roof to be structurally equipped to perform in the very worst weather that can be expected at their customer’s unique postcode location – enough, we believe, to keep even the most savvy of homeowners happy.

Good Luck, despite tough times, sales are still out there, and Ultraframe has the tools to enable you to succeed.

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