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Preventing Your Conservatory from Becoming a Scene of Chaos    

8th December 2016

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Having a conservatory offers you the perfect space to get your friends and/or family together for a good time. Especially popular over birthdays and the festive period, conservatories can serve as the social hub in your home. Although we may not be able to offer any advice on solving that infamous board game dispute, we can offer you advice on how to best use the space that you have.

Our top five tips, listed below, have been carefully selected to make sure you utilise your conservatory space to the optimum standard. Not only will this ensure you enjoy the quality that you invested in, it also means you’ll be able to prevent your conservatory from becoming a place of chaos when people arrive. All in all, preparation is the key to ensuring your gathering doesn’t turn into a disaster.



It’s tempting to usher your least favourite relative on a fold out camping chair while they get stuck into their dinner, but don't be mean. It’s not rocket science to work out if you’ve got enough chairs or table space for all your guests but think about seating children first for a ‘quick lunch’ and conserve your energy for your adult guests while the kids are off playing. This way, you’ll be able to show off your culinary skills in style.


A conservatory is worth its weight in gold when it comes to getting people round. But, we all know that older conservatories can be less homey during the winter, so think about how you’re going to heat the space safely.  Fan heaters or worse, electric bar heaters, aren’t ideal with children running around so consider investing in panel style heaters with a built in thermostat to keep your guests warm. Having comfortable guests is winning half the battle.


Most people love open plan living space, seamlessly mixing eating, living and relaxing.  It’s the ideal setting if you’re entertaining lots of people, so open up kitchen and conservatory doors so people feel free to roam from room to room. Similarly, as families grow they also generate lots more stuff, especially toys and presents if you’ve got small children. This can easily be achieved with bi-fold doors, which fold away neatly to create a seamless connection to your garden or interior.


We all look forward to some well-earned time off, especially during the Christmas period. It gives you a chance to catch up on all the things you’ve been meaning to do all year. If you are planning to use your conservatory space when you’re off, then think about giving it a health check – look for leaks, condensation, blocked gutters and so forth. If that’s too much, get your local Ultra Installer to come and do the job for you!


Nobody enjoys a time limit when they are trying to relax, which is why it’s important to note that a conservatory is a fantastic space to host your overnight guests.  You might need to consider the privacy element, but with the addition of a cheap and cheerful sofa bed, a simple conservatory provides the perfect ‘pop up’ bedroom especially with the addition of a Livinroof which combines solid and glazed sections – perfect for preventing nosey neighbours from looking in.


If you’re looking to upgrade or enhance your conservatory, especially if you have an approaching event or the festive period is looking nearby, then taking a browse of our selection could help you to find the perfect new addition to your home. Widely recognised as the most technologically advanced system on the market today, our range of conservatories and conservatory roofs have set the standard for performance and design.

Our conservatories are available in three unique styles, ‘Performance’, ‘Designer’ and ‘Classic’. Each of these styles utilises the latest in glazing and conservatory roof technology, offering their own distinct take on a living area that remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can also choose from our two leading conservatory roof designs, the ‘Ultraroof’ and ‘Livinroof’ for unrivalled performance across the board.


Planning, sorting and optimising your conservatory space allows you to make the most of the quality on offer. Our conservatories allow you to bring a new addition to your home that promises to be a worthwhile investment, excelling in thermal efficiency, security, aesthetic and lifespan for a home improvement solution that keeps on giving long after it has been installed.

If you’re looking to enhance your home with a leading design, find your nearest Approved Ultra Installer to benefit from a professional and reliable service. We vet and test all of our Ultraframe specialists before we approve them, ensuring they handle your project with the attentiveness and respect that it deserves.

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