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Lighting your Conservatory - CFL or LED Bulbs

5th December 2014

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In all the excitement of getting your conservatory, it can be easy to think of lighting as a final, minor detail. In fact, it’s incredibly important. After all, lighting our homes makes up around a quarter of most of our electricity bills.

With a lot of different information flying around, it can be hard to know where to start choosing which kind of lightbulb to use.

Here, we look at the advantages and drawbacks of LED and CFL bulbs for your conservatory

LED Lights

One of the key benefits is that LED lights will tend to last for a longer time, so although you are forking out more when you buy them, over time, you will purchase fewer bulbs.

Another advantage is that these bulbs go in standard light fittings, so no adaptor is needed. At the same time, this is a good-looking choice regarding setting your extension off to its best with elegant lighting.

Even though technology is bringing prices down all the time, you still have to pay more to buy LEDs in the first place. What’s more, because these lights are directional, they are not the perfect choice as table lamps, even though they may be great for table lamps.

(Some of the newer models, however, do come with diffusers, which can help to a certain extent.)

CFL Bulbs

CFL, or compact fluorescent lighting, is just a miniature version of the regular fluorescent light bulb that will fit in conventional light sockets with no need for an adaptor. The light given off looks pretty much the same as the incandescent light we’re all accustomed to, and not like the rather unforgiving illumination we may be used to in school or office buildings.

The key drawback, however, to this type of lighting is the mercury the bulbs contain. This need not be a problem, but if the bulb does break, the clean-up can be a hassle. You will need to speak to a waste management firm to learn about getting rid of these bulbs safely.

Ultimately, both of these bulbs will light your conservatory efficiently and are compatible with conventional fittings. So, it is likely to come down to whether you are happy to pay more initially and reap the savings later. Equally, you may prefer lighting that most closely resembles what you are used to. And if you want to read a lot in your conservatory, the directional light of LED bulbs may suit you best.

Making the Most of Your Conservatory

Lighting your conservatory to make the most of your space – and in the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way – is important. But, there are other aspects of the design process you’ll need to pay careful attention to you and as follows.


Furniture can make or break the design of your conservatory. If your new building is of contemporary design, then Rattan – which is made from wicker – will probably be at odds with the modern appearance of your new living space. Consider buying chairs and tables that are characterised by sharp, clean lines instead.


Do you want to create a homely feel inside your conservatory? If so, a hybrid conservatory roof like Ultraframe’s Livinroof will be the perfect choice. Glazed panels can be placed wherever you wish in the roof’s structure, which means you can focus light where its needed the most. During the evening, the spotlights fitted into your internal ceiling pelmet will help create that all-important roomlike feel that’s so integral to conservatory designs.

Doors and Windows

If your conservatory is small, you’ll be keen to create an illusion of space. Bi-fold and sliding patio doors open almost fully, which means they maximise light penetration. Whatever the size of your extension, it’ll feel larger thanks to your carefully chosen doors.


Glass doesn’t just let in lots of light; it can also improve the performance of a conservatory. Our Conservaglass range is a case in point. Depending on which product you select from its range, Conservaglass can achieve impressive U-values of 1.1. This won’t just make your room space brighter and effectively manage its temperature, it will also help shrink your energy bills and the size of your carbon footprint.

Find Your Nearest Ultra Installer

To discuss the best lighting products for your conservatory, orangery or extension, use our search tool to find an Ultra Installer in your immediate area. They will also be able to answer any questions you have about supporting products – like glass, double glazing and replacement conservatory roofs.

During the process, you can also send the Ultraframe team a message about a specific product, in which case we’ll aim to respond to your enquiry via email or phone as soon we can. If you would like a quote, then please let us know. We’ll be happy to provide some guideline prices for your home improvement project.

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