Is Your Conservatory Overheating in Summer?

5th January 2018

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Is your Conservatory Insulated Correctly?

Many practical measures can be undertaken to help you enjoy your conservatory more if it’s overheating. The alternative scenario is that you only use your conservatory as an occasional space when the weather is cooler – which is less than preferable.

By making the following changes, you’ll help prevent your conservatory from overheating:

  • Create natural shading by or planting tall, quick growing trees shrubs
  • Replace the existing glazing material with newer solar control varieties
  • Fit blinds that can be opened or closed depending on the weather
  • Many of the above solutions can be offered by your chosen Ultra Installer. For your further reference, we’ve included a real-life conservatory case study that demonstrates how easy it is to stop your new room from overheating during warmer weather. 

Case Study: Getting A Conservatory Back on Track

"We moved to Burnham on Sea July 2008 into a bungalow built in 1980. The previous owners had a conservatory added around 1990. It was of wood construction with double glazed windows and a sliding UPVC patio door. The roof was polycarbonate. The living room was quite dark, as was the kitchen. We had never owned a conservatory or lived in a house that had one. We were surprised at how much time we spent there. The reason we lived in there was that it was large, bright and airy. When the sun shone, it was incredibly hot due to the polycarbonate roof. If it rained, you couldn't even hear yourself think!"
"We decided we would incorporate the conservatory into the house living space. Firstly, I removed the kitchen back door and window, which let in more light and let me bring kitchen units slightly into the conservatory space. We decided to replace the conservatory with a UPVC double glazed unit with a glass roof. At the same time, we removed the living room window and replaced it with French Doors. We also decided that the positioning of the conservatory between 2 walls made more sense if we extended out further into the garden by around an extra 600 mm. We also wanted a pitched roof to give the feeling of more space."
"Bi-Fold doors leading into the garden would have been nice, but the cost was stupid, so we had to settle on wide French Doors. The walls were plastered and emulsioned. The floor was screened over to bring it to level with the kitchen floor, and I then attempted to lay large 500 mm square floor tiles throughout. The kitchen now flows through, and we use the conservatory as a dining area and sun lounge. The French doors between the conservatory and the lounge are wide open letting light flood in, until such times as my wife wants to lose herself in the lounge in the evening. (I wanted no doors just one huge open space)"

Overcoming Common Conservatory Problems

Light, noise and heat need to be properly managed when replacing a conservatory or building one from scratch.

Improve Illumination

An old polycarbonate conservatory roof may have accumulated debris – like dirt and dead flies – that create a gloomy veil that light will struggle to break through.  Ultraframe’s Livinroof is a solid roof system that can incorporate glazed areas that allow light to be focussed wherever it is needed – instantly brightening the room.

Block Out Unwanted Noise

The customer in our case study was frustrated by the noise the rain made when hitting their polycarbonate roof and replaced it with a glazed roof instead. If you want to enjoy a quieter environment by using less glazing, our Ultraroof allows for the introduction of Velux windows instead of inserted glazed panels.

Stop Your Room Overheating

Conservatories can quickly overheat if an old polycarbonate roof is used, like the one that had been installed in our customer’s home in the 1980s. An Ultraframe conservatory roof will include high-performing glass that blocks out most solar rays, which means your home won’t get too hot during summer months.

These are just three ways to solve three issues that most frequently affect older conservatories. Your Ultra Installer will be able to offer further guidance.

Speak to Your Nearest Ultra Installer

For help converting a poorly performing conservatory into one that’s high-performing, use our search tool to find a qualified expert in your area. Your Ultra Installer will be able to introduce you to our range of replacement conservatory roofs, house extensions – and so much more.

Alternatively, complete the contact form that appears at the end of the search process to request help from the Ultraframe team. We’ll be able to email or call you with a more detailed response to your question.

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