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What to do if you have a leaking conservatory roof

13th August 2020

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What to do if you have a leaking conservatory roof

A leaking conservatory roof can be a pain at the best of times, but if you’ve been at home during lockdown, niggles such as this are probably getting to you. If you’re looking for solutions to a leaking conservatory roof, you’re in the right place – read on to discover how you can upgrade your conservatory and ensure that your leaking conservatory roof is a thing of the past.

You have three options to address a leaking conservatory roof depending on your budget and the age and condition of your conservatory: 

• Repair the leaking conservatory roof

• Replace the roof

• Transform your conservatory into an extension

Leaking Conservatory Roofs

1. Repair the roof

If your conservatory roof is leaking you may be able to get the leak repaired. Firstly you need to determine why the roof is leaking – your local Ultra Installer will be able to help. The leaking conservatory roof may be due to a faulty installation or product (if the conservatory is new) or perhaps the glazing has moved over time. Every Ultraframe roof comes with robust glazing stops to prevent glazing slippage over time, but some other roofs have less robust glazing stops which may result in leaks after only a few years. If the installation or product is faulty, you should be able to repair it.  All Ultraframe roofs are guaranteed for 10 years, and we will supply any faulty parts free of charge to your local Ultra Installer within this period, should the need arise. 

If, however, the glazing has moved over time, other panels may likely begin to fail and it might be better to look at other more long term options as follows.   

2. Replace the roof

You could choose to replace the entire roof if you have a leaking conservatory roof. Replacing the roof can have a dramatic impact on the thermal performance of the conservatory. As heat rises most of the heat loss in a conservatory will occur through the roof and likewise, most of the heat gain will happen through the roof as the sun shines down through the glass or polycarbonate. Glass technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds in recent years and continues to do so. No matter how old your conservatory is, there will be a better specification of glass that will reduce any temperature fluctuations. Or you could choose a solid roof. Your local Ultra Installer will help you to select the right glass specification - whether you choose an entirely glass roof or choose glass panels in a solid roof to replace your leaking conservatory roof. 

3. Transform your conservatory into an extension

Many people choose to transform their conservatory into an extension if they have a leaking conservatory roof.  After lockdown, we all need more space at home and transforming a leaking conservatory into an extension that could be opened to the rest of your house is a cost-effective way to do this.

With the right conservatory extension design, your room can be the same temperature as the rest of the house, as you re-design your room from the base up. Replacing dwarf walls and old window frames with high-performance glass and super-insulated columns can have a dramatic impact on the energy efficiency of the walls and windows. You can then choose a high-performance glass roof or a solid roof. 

The design options are endless from bi-fold or sliding doors that bring the outside in, to opening walls to a kitchen to create a lovely kitchen extension.  

Leaking Conservatory Roof

If you have a leaking conservatory roof you can choose from several Ultraframe roofs to replace the leaking conservatory roof.

• Glass Roof:

Our Classic roof is ideal to replace a leaking conservatory roof as it is highly configurable. This means it can be engineered to fit on any conservatory shape or style, no matter how complicated. The UK’s most loved glass roof is easy to install and comes with a range of higher performance glass choices and extremely robust glazing stops and gaskets to prevent a leaking conservatory roof ever again. 

To add an element of cosiness to your conservatory you can team the roof with an internal insulated pelmet. Plastered on the inside, the pelmet reduces any heat loss and provides a useful place for spotlights and speakers too.

• Livinroof:

If you have a leaking conservatory roof and want to improve the energy efficiency of your conservatory but keep plenty of natural light, then the hybrid Livinroof is the answer. It looks very similar to a conservatory roof from the outside and you can specify which panels you would like to be insulated and which ones you would like to be glazed. This enables you to have natural light where you need it and ensures your updated conservatory is both warm and bright.

• Ultraroof

If you’re looking at your leaking conservatory roof wishing it was a tiled roof like the rest of the house, then look no further than Ultraroof. This lightweight tiled roof is light enough to fit on existing window frames or can be used as part of a complete transformation. As a solid roof, it is highly insulated, and you can add full height glass panels to ensure your room is still light and that adjoining rooms are well lit too. Unlike other solid roofs, Ultraroof never needs a tie bar and has a pelmet which lifts the design into a beautiful vaulted ceiling. Your leaking conservatory roof can be transformed into a tiled roof in just a couple of days. 

Leaking Conservatory Roof Fixes

If you have a leaking conservatory roof, the best thing to do is to contact your local Ultra Installer who will explain your options and help you in finding the right solution to the problem. By choosing the right new roof from Ultraframe for your project, you will never have to worry about a leaking conservatory roof again.

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