How to prevent condensation in a conservatory

How to prevent condensation in a conservatory


Condensation on conservatory windows is a common problem, and can often be worse in the winter when the temperature is lower. Designed to be both water tight and air tight, a conservatory has no natural ventilation and so is prone to condensation - especially when the door from your home through to the conservatory is left closed most of the time. There are ways of keeping the problem to a minimum, though, as we'll describe below...


The best way to keep your conservatory condensation-free is to make sure that the room is well ventilated - and the same applies to the rest of your home too. Keep the room warm (use a portable heater if your conservatory is not heated) and leave the windows ajar slightly: this may seem strange, but it will help the air to circulate throughout the room, banishing your condensation problem. If you're building a new conservatory or refurbishing an existing one, consider using trickle vents on the windows and doors, which will allow air to flow more freely than if the room had no ventilation whatsoever.


If possible, ventilate your home thoroughly when bathing, doing laundry and cooking, to avoid the unnecessary build up of excess water. Keep doors through to the conservatory open where possible so that air can flow freely, and you'll find that the problem is reduced in a very short space of time.


If you are struggling with very bad condensation in your conservatory, then a dehumidifier will help you to get rid of the problem. Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air, thereby preventing it from settling on the windows as condensation. You can either buy a dehumidifier, or choose to rent one.


You should also avoid filling your conservatory with too many plants, as they will contribute to the build up of condensation - and if you are worried about condensation damaging your window frames, window sills or carpets, you can also buy products that sit on your window frames to soak up the excess moisture in the room.