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How to Measure a Conservatory Roof

8th August 2014

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The age of online retail has revolutionised getting a quote for a new tiled conservatory roof - but no matter how easy it may be, the company will still need an accurate set of measurements. Any kind of ‘slap-dash’ approach to getting this information could result in an embarrassing gap when the conservatory roof arrives.

Errors at the measuring stage will also result in wasted time and money, and even the smallest error could have serious consequences. The good news is that there is a straightforward system that will allow you to obtain the correct dimensions for your new conservatory roof, and you won’t need to acrobatics to obtain them!

Four Simple Steps for Measuring a Conservatory Roof

If you imagine yourself standing inside your conservatory with your back to the main house, the walls on either side should be considered as points ‘1’ and ‘2’. The outer frame that is directly in front of you is point ‘3,’ and the highest point of your new roof is point ‘4.’

Take the distance from ‘1’ to ‘2’ first, then the space between point ‘3’ and the back of your house. The ‘top to bottom’ distance from point ‘4’ to the ground can be factored in, along with the potential angle of elevation and forwarded to your conservatory roof supplier.

There are other steps you can take to ensure you collect the necessary measurements for a new/replacement conservatory roof. On the most basic level, it can help to have someone assisting you - even if they are just holding your ladder!

If you look through the available apps for your smartphone or tablet, you may be able to download an app designed for gathering this information, which will be useful for checking calculations relating to the elevation of your conservatory roof.

The Benefits of Choosing a High-Performing Conservatory Roof

Two possible scenarios have led you to this page. Either your existing conservatory roof is no longer performing – because it was poorly installed or has deteriorated over time – or you are in the earlier stages of planning an extension to your home.

Whichever of the above statements are true, you’ll be keen to find a conservatory roof that will perform the way you want it to. Your new conservatory needs to be a warm and light-filled space that you can spend time in all year round and in comfort.

An Ultraframe conservatory roof will benefit you as follows.

Improved Thermal Efficiency

Our conservatory roof range has been designed with thermal efficiency in mind. Take our Livinroof and Ultraroof systems as a case in point. These are solid conservatory roof designs that allow for the introduction of glazing to optimise light and heat retention.

Every Ultraframe conservatory roof will be fitted with Conservaglass, a high-performing glazing product capable of preventing up to 83% of solar rays from penetrating, which means your new room won’t overheat during the summer and become uncomfortable.

Conservaglass has the reverse effect in autumn and winter when it will instead stop heat from escaping through your conservatory roof and reduce the need to turn up your thermostat to stay warm – which means your heating bills will noticeably lower.

Improved thermal efficiency will be further guaranteed with the Livinroof or Ultraroof as a direct result of the internal ceiling pelmet, which is included as standard and infilled with mineral insulation. This feature will also make your conservatory feel more like a room.

Ultrasky Lantern Roof

A Room That Will Add Value to Your Home

An Ultraframe conservatory roof will turn your room into a habitable space that’s enjoyable to spend time in. Warm and comfortable, and filled with lots of positive space-creating light, it will transform your room into an area that can be used as a lounge, study or living room.

By using a high-performing conservatory roof, you will be adding immediate value to your home. As and when the time comes to sell, prospective buyers will be attracted to the additional space available and more inclined to part with their hard-earned money as a result.

Style Matters

The appearance of your conservatory roof matters. Our Livinroof or Ultraroof will bring your new room to life. You can hide the gutters using decorative cornicing and match the colours of your existing window frames and doors by choosing from our extensive colour palette.

Contact Your Nearest Ultra Installer

Find an approved Ultra Installer in your area by using our free search tool. You can also get advice about our products – including conservatories, orangeries and lantern roofs – by sending our team an enquiry form at the end of the process. We would be happy to call with a more detailed response to your question and can come and visit you if required.

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