How much disruption will installing a conservatory cause?

How much disruption will installing a conservatory cause?

It's quite understandable that people get a little bit worried when having large-scale work done to any part of their home. However, when it comes to adding a typical conservatory, orangery or glass extension, you'll be surprised what little effect the disruption and down time has on your life, and how short it actually takes.

What you don't want, is to wait months on end to use a certain room of your house - a gaping hole in the side of your home doesn't look pretty, and it will cost an arm and a leg to heat a house with a hole in it. This is something you shouldn't be too concerned about, however; although the various providers and construction teams have different methods they use when installing a conservatory, it usually only takes about two weeks for one to be built (it's very irregular for installations to pass the one month mark) - that's no time at all considering the years of pleasure you're going to get from the finished product.

If you have young children, it can be a concern that they're living in a building site for a few weeks, and those environments can be quite unsafe. One thing that keeps people on edge is the worry that their home is in good hands, and the added stress is never good. However, you can be assured that an Ultra Installer working on your conservatory is a trained professional, and no harm will ever come to your young ones.

Having a conservatory added to your home has some striking benefits, some you've probably not thought too much about. Aside from the astonishing amount of extra space they provide (and they're much cheaper than moving in to a bigger property), they let you enjoy your garden all year round, you can stay warm in side the conservatory and bring your garden inside - a conservatory can be a calming sanctuary, with beautiful views of the garden. In the winter, the structure captures the energy of the sun, making it quite a warm place to stay in - this could help to save on energy bills during difficult economic times.

If you do have any other queries - you may need to know if your garden is suitable to have a conservatory built on it in the first place, or if you want to know if it will have to be piled beforehand - trained advisers will talk you through all these tiny details and more, giving you a no-nonsense consultancy beforehand to give you a detailed lowdown. Whatever worries you had before will be ironed out in these informal chats, and remember, no question is a stupid question.