How do Livinroofs comply with building regulations?

If your existing conservatory is beginning to show its age and has a leak or two, or isn’t as efficient as it once was, you may be considering having a replacement solid roof fitted. You’ve done some research and like the sound of Ultraframe’s lightweight solid roof system - Livinroof.

If you do go ahead, you’ll notice a huge improvement in terms of insulation and efficiency, however, you may be unsure about what building regulations are applicable in this case. The nightmare scenario is having a new solid roof installed, only to be told later that you’re in breach of planning regulations. Incidentally, pleading ignorance of the law is no defence!

So what is the legislation?

A Building Regulation Application is required when you add a solid roof to a conservatory, and a certificate to prove that the structure is safe. As well as giving you the peace of mind of knowing your conservatory is structurally sound, you need this certificate if you ever want to sell your property in future. The good news is that Ultraframe are ahead of the game on this one.

Before any work starts, an approved installer checks your old conservatory, especially the window frames to see if they’re strong enough to support the extra load of a solid roof. They also thoroughly check the condition of the base and walls. Once satisfied that the structure is sound, they take care of the paperwork and an inspector from Local Authority Building Control (LABC) or an approved independent inspector will do their own survey and once this final check is complete, a certificate of approval can be issued.


Each Livinroof Ultraframe install is tailored to fit the existing conservatory, so before starting work they also confirm the design data using postcode sensitive software, to be sure of complying with EU-wide technical rules. The software will check such things as local weather, snow loading, wind speed, and if the installation is for an urban, rural or coastal location.

Once these checks are complete to the satisfaction of LABC, their inspector, or an independently approved inspector, will issue a certificate to show compliance which is then kept with your property deeds. In effect, you don’t personally have to get building approval before having a solid roof fitted to your conservatory, because Ultraframe has got that side covered for you!