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9th January 2018

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It was no surprise to Ultraframe when it polled 1000 home owners to understand the market opportunity for one of its latest innovations, house extensions, that climate control would centre at the heart of the conservatory challenge.  We understand that most of the time, the definitive difference between a house and a home is how comfortable you feel.

The research, which was carried out in conjunction with Homebuilding.co.uk revealed findings that would shape the approach and product innovation strategy. We always refine our products based on customer feedback to ensure we always deliver the highest standards, allowing to operate as the go to choice for leading home improvement solutions.

The Marketing Manager at Ultraframe takes us through the headline findings:

“The principle outcome of the research is the sporadic levels of usage across standard conservatories.  Less than 20% of the audience we polled used their conservatory for more than 2 hours per day.  And that usage is spread across a number of activities – kids nipping in and out to play with a toy, a parent passing through the conservatory as a thoroughfare to the garden or as a room to entertain friends – what we learned from this research is that very few of our home owners actually sit down and enjoy their space in the same way they would their lounge or kitchen.  One could easily argue that conservatories by their definition are not intended to be a full time living space, but what we are more interested in is understanding how we can increase the usability and desirability of a glazed extension or conservatory.”

House Extensions Designed to Excel

The research also polled homeowners without a house extension or conservatory.  Interestingly this category also cited climate control as one of the top three attributes to consider when purchasing or thinking about extending their home, with over 65% of this category particularly concerned about the heating and cooling attributes of a conservatory.  This research was invaluable in supporting Ultraframe in developing its approach to modern house extensions.

To increase the potential of you finding your perfect house extension, we offer distinct styles. This includes the ‘Ultraroof Extension’ and ‘Livinroof Extension’ Both of these roofs are manufactured using the latest in conservatory roof technology to ensure they excel in all areas of performance and design. This means that you’ll bring a new addition to your home that is sure to be the perfect addition across the board.

Our house extensions are inherently versatile, which means an Ultraframe specialist will be able to work closely with you to ensure you get the perfect choice for your home and your tastes. Whether you want main or mood lighting, or even speakers, installed within, we’ll be able to offer you a professional service across the board.

Our Marketing Manager Continues:

“When we looked more closely at the research we realised that usage is driven by one primary factor – climate control.  The majority of home owners with a conservatory cited ‘climate control’ – or lack of it – as the number one reason why they do not use their conservatory more.  When we looked beyond the actual time spent in a conservatory and focused on how this time is split throughout the day, the peaks in usage are around mid morning and early evening.  Outside of these times, usage drops off significantly.”   

Exceptional House Extensions Design

While our house extensions feature a robust column structure and Conservaglass roof system, achieving superior U-values easily equivalent to a brick built extension, the house extensions we offer can also be specified to include integrated radiant heaters which sit neatly in the corner columns.  

Stylish and efficient, Ultraframe continues to ensure that our house extensions have broad appeal to all homeowners in the market for a glazed extension. The result of a stringent and meticulous lab testing process, all of our products are designed to stand at the forefront of design and performance so you won’t have to settle for anything less.

Our Ultraframe specialists are well versed in delivering our exceptional house extensions to a wide variety of properties, which means we can cater for modern, traditional, period, heritage or new build homes alike. There is no reason for you to miss out on the house extension quality on offer, bringing the very best to your home.

Find Your Nearest House Extensions Installer

Offering a brand new area of your home to enjoy, and one that stays comfortable no matter the weather, our house extensions are the perfect investment. Whether you’re looking to bring a room for business or leisure, you’ll be able to find your perfect choice amongst our options available. It’s never been easier.

Find your nearest Approved Ultra Installer to benefit from industry leading standards of professionalism, reliability, efficiency and promptness. We always strive to minimise the overall disruption to your daily life, allowing you to enjoy the perfect new addition to your home sooner and stress-free.

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