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Does the future of conservatories involve far less glass?

13th February 2015

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Glass is, of course, what defines a conservatory. So it may surprise you to learn that there has emerged a trend over the years for conservatories to use less glass in their construction. There's a range of reasons why householders may opt for less glass, including environmental and cost factors. However, the real reason seems to be one of aesthetics.

Poorly designed early generation conservatory styles traditionally stood out: they looked nothing like the brick and concrete buildings to which they were attached. Recently, however, people have been looking for conservatories that are more in keeping with their houses, so they don't look quite so out of place.

For many, a modern conservatory is thought of as a natural addition to their home, not a bolted-on extra. This has redefined the approach to conservatories, from design through to installation. Innovations in the market have allowed a conservatory to become a seamless addition to any property, both new and old.

Securing the Right Conservatory Aesthetic

One popular way of ensuring your conservatory, or to be more exact extension, stays in keeping with your house is to go for a similar roof appearance. The Ultraroof conservatory roof, which also benefits from being much quicker to install than a traditional roof, allows you to enjoy all the benefits of classic tiled roof design with modern enhancements.

This system offers superior insulation when compared with an ordinary conservatory glass roof. In fact, it surpasses many traditional materials during the winter months. Additionally, the Ultraroof offers the flexibility of being able to install roof windows and skylights with ease - so you can still enjoy natural light. This will enable you to enjoy a bright and spacious feel throughout.

You can also choose from a wide range of colour options, featuring a high quality foil finish to capture the look of traditional timber. Our choices include ‘White’, ‘Cream’, ‘Ebony Black’, ‘Sage Green’, ‘Grey’, ‘Rosewood’, ‘Light Oak’ and ‘Irish Oak’. All of the colours that we offer uphold our usual high standards so they won’t flake, fade or peel over time or exposure to any adverse weather.

Building the Ideal Conservatory

It's not just conservatory roofs that are becoming more in keeping with houses. Many homeowners are utilising a range of traditional building materials to make their conservatories much more like extensions both outside and in. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds, benefitting from the unique aspects of each.

Internally, the use of wall coverings such as plaster can help a conservatory to feel more like just another room of the house - rather than the semi-outdoors feel that was common for many older conservatories. This can also help to boost the property's market value, increasing the price at the point of a house valuation.

Certain conservatory roofs in our selection can be fitted with a internal pelmet, which further increases the ‘room-like’ feel. This intelligent feature can be fitted with spotlights and downlights for mood or main lighting, as well as speakers for a personal touch. Over the years, a conservatory has become so much more.

The Livinroof Conservatory Roof

Our Livinroof conservatory roof design stands as the first roofing system to combine the benefits of a solid conservatory roof and glazed conservatory roof system. As a response to modern times, this home improvement solution allows you to achieve a contemporary and high performance addition to your home without having to compromise on any of the traditional, popular roof designs.

The combination of high quality glazing and a vaulted ceiling allow any conservatory or extension fitted with a Livinroof to achieve a bright and airy feel throughout its interior. Proving to be a worthwhile investment for any home, this conservatory roof allows you to enjoy a living area that remains useable all throughout the year.

Externally, the Livinroof comprises an ‘Urban Grey’ finish that gives it a timeless aesthetic. Whether your home is modern, traditional, period or heritage you’ll be able to bring a new addition that will seamlessly complement its character and charm. You can also choose from a range of cornice options for a beautiful, clean finish.

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No matter how much the home improvement landscape changes, we will always be one step ahead. We pride ourselves on our extensive investment into research and development, making the most of the latest innovations and manufacturing techniques to deliver a standard of product that has proven to be unique on the market.

Find your nearest Approved Ultra Installer to benefit from leading home improvement solutions. All of our Ultraframe specialists are vetted and tested before they gain approval, offering a degree of competency that means they can accommodate for all manner of property styles, sizes and personal tastes. Don’t settle for anything less. 

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