Conservatory too hot in summer and too cold in winter

Conservatories are a fantastic way to add more space to your home, and the welcome addition of a comfortable area which receives light all year round is enough reason for any homeowner to consider building a conservatory extension, particularly for properties short of living space. Conservatories are versatile, and can easily fit in with both traditional and contemporary home aesthetics, and can be used for all manner of purposes, from dining to relaxation, study or children’s play area.

Although the general consensus is that a conservatory is a great idea, it’s a fact that many homeowners find that the promise of a room for all occasions often falls short, and the number one reason why people don’t utilise their conservatories as much as they would like to boils down to one thing: temperature levels.

Given that conservatories are largely made up of glass or polycarbonate panels, it goes without saying that historically they were difficult to insulate. This means that during the winter, the conservatory was often a cold, harsh and unforgiving place to spend the day. Of course, it’s possible to heat the conservatory, but with energy prices continuing to rise, many people are deciding that the pros (natural light, a relaxing area to unwind and entertain friends and family in) often outweigh the cons (it’s too cold even with the heating on, and it ultimately costs too much to heat).


At this stage it’s probably worthwhile to point out that conservatories tend to suffer from the opposite problem during the summer – essentially, a conservatory space covered with glass panelling created a “greenhouse effect”, and this would make your space unbearably hot during warmer seasons. 

What are the causes of poor conservatory insulation?


Livin Room

The primary problem in maintaining a comfortable conservatory can be a mix of factors however the biggest contributor to this used to be the roof. The technology behind conservatory roofs has changed significantly over the last decade and so too has the science and understanding behind what makes a good conservatory. Upgrades to glass panes, with solar control, or the use of triple glazing, now help to stabilise temperatures, even when it’s incredibly hot or cold outside. Previously where we saw inefficient glass and polycarbonate which acted like a greenhouse in summer and conducted the cold in winter, we now have innovative products such as the ones mentioned below which will help remove these issues and create a space within the home that can be used all year round.

Adding a Perimeter Ceiling:

Adding a perimeter ceiling is a simple and cost effective way to combat the problem of heat loss and overheating. Ultraframe have developed and created LivinRoom which allows you to do just this. Not only does the newly created space leave room for insulation (increasing the efficiency of the room) but it can also house spotlights or speakers and provides a real feature within the room, making the conservatory feel more like a room within the house that a conservatory.

Replacement roof:

Many are reluctant to replace a conservatory roof with a solid option, mainly because it negates the reasons for having a conservatory in the first place – after all, what good is a conservatory without sunlight from above?

Thankfully, there’s an option available, which combines solid and glazed roofing, and the good news is that it offers the best of both worlds. You get incredible performance in terms of insulation without losing the appeal of your conservatory.

Constructed from insulated composite external panels and thermally efficient slab insulation, a replacement Livinroof featuring glass panels can help to create a warm, spacious ambience at reasonable cost, meaning that you can enjoy your conservatory all year round. Glass panels can be placed in any shape with a Livinroof, which can in fact be constructed as a solid roof, solid/glass mix or fully glass - ensuring maximum sunlight regardless of the directional positioning of your conservatory, and a roof tailored precisely to your tastes and needs.