Conservatories: The Forgotten Room

23rd August 2016

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When houses are advertised on the market as including a 'spacious conservatory', hearts tend to beat faster and eager anticipation sets in when viewing. However, it almost always ends in disappointment when this 'spacious conservatory' is merely an oddly decorated and furnished room that seems to have been tacked haphazardly onto the end of the house.

For too long, conservatories have been the wanted extension to a beautiful home, but in recent times they have been made to feel like a separate entity to the rest of the house, a place where mismatched furniture, pet beds and computers live: a place which is forgotten, a place that doesn’t help to capture the heart of a home.

Redefining the Conservatory

It's a shame to admit it, but these once sought-after additions to the home have now become a burden. However, with the high demand for extra space when buying property, it is vital that these neglected conservatories are reunited with the home once more. The biggest advice given to conservatory owners is to seamlessly integrate it with the rest of your home.

The first tip is to create a constant colour and decoration scheme from the home into the conservatory. Keeping the same flooring is the simplest way to create consistency between the rooms and your conservatory, as it doesn't show separation. Similarly, keeping colour schemes and furnishings uniformed creates this unity.

A Bright and Spacious Conservatory Living Space

Glass walls create that spacious aspect, defining it as a conservatory, but adding matching cushions, throws, chair coverings and furniture is a simple way to blend the rooms and make this space you want to spend time in. A heightened degree of glass also allows you to enjoy increase natural light allowance all through the year.

Another segregating feature of a conservatory is the stark change in temperature from the house. Conservatories are usually either too hot or too cold; however, with the installation of under-floor heating, the temperature is now under your control. You won’t have to worry about your conservatory feeling like an ‘oven’ or a ‘freezer’ through the seasons.

Comfortable Conservatories

Creating a toasty room for the winter (and a cool room for the summer) makes the conservatory a room that is an integrated and streamlined part of the house. You’ll be able to enjoy a seamless connection, ensuring your conservatory feels just like walking into any part of your home for a feeling of unity throughout.

Likewise, the installation of a solid roof, instead of the typical glass roof, creates a sense that the conservatory is not simply a glass box tacked onto the end of the house, but more an extension, whereby bi-fold doors and glass walls create a truly beautiful air of space to the room. Our modern conservatories are designed to offer you more.

Solid Conservatory Roofs

Solid roofs also give good insulation and help keep the room at a good temperature, making it feel like an inclusive section of the house. Unlike older conservatory roofs, our solid roof systems are able to effortlessly combine traditional designs with the modern performance so you can enjoy the best of both worlds without any of the headaches.

Ultraframe supplies premium quality solid replacement roofs to transform your conservatory into your new favourite room once again. They can also be fitted with our intelligently designed internal pelmet that not only helps the insulation of your property, they can also be fitted with a range of lighting options and speaker configurations for an exceptional new addition to your home.

Conservatories: Super-Insulated Columns

The further enhance a seamless feel in your conservatory, you can also opt for our super insulated columns. These highly insulated piers are inspired by the traditional appearance of the Italian Renaissance, allowing them to offer a charming period charm that upholds a standard of thermal efficiency that is five times more effective than brick piers.

Increasing the heat retention of your conservatory not only allows it to feel more like your home, it could also result in lowered heating bills and energy use throughout the year. Needing to use your heating less throughout the year to stay warm brings a wide array of benefits that can only come with exceptional quality.

A Range of Uses

Family Room

A more informal room, the family room is where the whole family can relax and enjoy time together - and what better place than in the comfort of a conservatory

Transforming an Ultraframe conservatory into a family room offers you the ideal place to sit and enjoy informal dining, television, and conversation. Great for children, there is plenty of space for them to play and even more space to store all of their toys - freeing up storage in the rest of the home. French doors to the outside can also provide children with direct access to the garden so they can come in and out as they wish without disturbing the rest of the household. Even when they are outside in the garden, you can be safe in the knowledge that you can see them as they play.

Using your conservatory as a family room enables you to enjoy your garden and exterior surroundings all year round, whatever the weather. Throughout the summer months, Ultraframe’s ventilation systems enable you to enjoy the light and airy atmosphere. Even in the winter when the nights start to draw in and become cold, you are able to sit in the warmth of your conservatory and enjoy the evening outside. With our specially designed Ultraframe Conservaglass and Ultraframe’s heating systems, you and your family will be able to sit in comfort, no matter how frosty it may be outside.

By adding a conservatory to your home, it will not only give you the extra space you have always dreamed of, but it will bring the outdoors into your home to create a unique living area that can be enjoyed by all.

Kitchen Conservatories

Bring light into your kitchen with a conservatory

A conservatory or Orangery roof can transform your kitchen into a light and spacious place to cook, dine and entertain.

Enhance your kitchen with a conservatory extension and open up a whole new world of Mediterranean style living - invite family & friends to sit & chat with a glass of wine whilst you cook and let the entertaining begin!

For many families, the kitchen is the most important room in the home where all the family meet to chat, catch up on the day's news and eat.

Why not make the most of this valuable room with an Ultraframe conservatory extension to open up your living and dining space.

Conservatories leading off a kitchen must feature adequate climate control. By specifying an Ultraframe roof you can be sure that this important consideration is taken care of so you can enjoy your stunning conservatory kitchen extension, whatever the weather.

Office Conservatories

A conservatory makes the perfect work environment

With an increasing number of people now working from home either permanently or just for a few days each week, it is becoming necessary to have a separate space in the home where you are able to work, think and plan in peace, undisturbed from the rest of the home. However, trying to find a quiet, yet suitable place to work without getting in the way of the rest of the family can be difficult.

By adding a conservatory to your home is the ideal solution to your office woes. As well as giving you an extra room, a conservatory offers so much versatility, it can be designed to suit your individual office needs, lifestyle and moods.

Transforming an Ultraframe conservatory into a study or home office, enables you to work away from the hustle and bustle of the main part of the home, offering you all the peace and quiet you require, while at the same time you are within reach of everything you need from the rest of the home. What’s more, your garden is literally outside your office door. Enjoy a short break with a walk around the garden, take a phone call outside, or simply sit and enjoy your lunch break in the beautiful surroundings of your garden, whatever the weather.

A conservatory office is unlike your average home study or office, which are often consigned to the back bedroom, box room or the small area under the stairs - not always practical, especially when guests come to stay. In addition, spending long periods of time working in such a confined environment with a considerable lack of storage can become almost claustrophobic, especially as most have only one small window for means of natural light and ventilation. This can make the room seem lacklustre, dark and uninspiring, creating a lack of enthusiasm for your work.

Sunroom Conservatories

The Lean-To conservatory - for those that prefer the clean understated lines of a ‘Mediterranean’ style sunroom a lean-to is a perfect choice.

The sunroom is a term more commonly used in the North American conservatory market. In Europe, they are usually referred to as lean to’s or Mediterranean style conservatories because of their similarity to buildings in southern Europe.

This style of conservatory is most often seen on bungalows or low eaves buildings because of the need for a low pitch. Ultraframe’s Ultralite and Elevation roofing systems are the perfect examples of a Sunroom roof.

Sunrooms are generally limited to square or rectangular shapes due to the pitch restrictions and because of their design, they are more often seen as an extension to the garden than of the house. Ultraframe, however, can offer some interesting design features to vary this shape such as the Elevation Plus roof. Sunrooms are ideal for homes that have limited space for a conservatory and because of their design they are the most cost-effective way of adding a conservatory and space to your home.

Find Your Nearest Approved Conservatory Installer

Finding the perfect option for your home is made easy with our range of high-performance conservatories. We invest heavily in research and development to make sure we always stand at the frontier of home improvement quality, achieving leading standards of thermal efficiency, performance, design and aesthetic.

Contact Ultraframe today and we’ll put you in touch with your nearest Approved Ultra Installer. We assess and vet all of our installers before we approve them to ensure they uphold our expected standards. Get your free quote and your once-forgotten conservatory is sure to be transformed into an unforgettable room.

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