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Can I Give My Conservatory a Makeover?

8th November 2013

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A conservatory is a beautiful addition to any property, allowing homeowners to enjoy a brand new living space to utilise in any way that they want. Our leading systems allow you to enjoy a new home improvement solution that continues to deliver all throughout the year. However, outdated conservatories can often require a makeover to ensure they perform to an optimum standard.

Houses take a lot of TLC to keep them looking their best - and that applies to every single room in your home. When the time comes to give your conservatory a makeover, it's no different than any space - you'll need time, effort, and plenty of ideas. To help get you inspired, we've compiled a list of great ideas to get your conservatory looking effortlessly gorgeous in no time.

Conservatory Makeover Ideas

Soft Furnishings

If you're a dab hand with a needle and thread, you can whip up a new set of cushions easily. Adding throws, rugs and wall hangings can also help to create a warm and inviting feel. Opt for fresh colours like lime greens and warm orange tones to keep your conservatory looking inviting, or opt for red and black for a striking new addition.

Soft furnishing are a beautiful way to bring a subtle change to your conservatory, offering a cost-effective and bespoke way to let your personal tastes shine through. Choosing the right material can also be definitive in how your new additions interact with your current conservatory aesthetic, so make sure to choose the right one to get what you’re after.

Add Plants

Conservatories are great for growing plants as they provide a temperate and sunny environment, but so many people tend to forget about them. By adding plants and small potted trees, you'll help to bring a sense of the outdoors in. Or why not grow a 'kitchen garden' in your conservatory? Pots of herbs such as rosemary and basil won't just look nice but they'll smell nice too.

Having plants in your conservatory will not only add a benefit to the look and smell of your conservatory, they will also benefit the wellbeing of you and your guests. Studies have shown that being around plants is a natural way to increase your mood, making you feel better without having to do anything.


Sometimes conservatories can feel a little too exposed. If you'd rather have the option to create a more secluded room, try adding blinds to your conservatory windows. There are loads of different styles, colours and sizes of blinds available, so you're bound to find blinds that will fit in with your conservatory makeover.

Wooden blinds give a 'plantation' feel, while coloured roller blinds give a clean and contemporary finish. You can also opt for intelligent, integral blinds which are installed inside the glazing to offer a contemporary and cutting edge finish. These systems are operated through a range of different methods, each one designed for your practicality.


If your conservatory furniture is looking a little unloved and it's of the wicker variety, why not give it a lick of paint? Old furniture can be spruced up with spray paint, or if you'd rather, you can paint it by hand. Keep things minimal with white, or jazz your conservatory up with bold colours in whatever shade you think will work.

Upcycling has become very popular in recent times, breathing new life into old items by replacing parts, changing aesthetic and improving overall appearance. Not only does this allow your furniture to go further, it also means that you’ll be able to bring a personal and rustic addition to your conservatory that is sure to satisfy. 

Make Your Mark

However you decide to make over your conservatory, it's always best to consider your options before jumping straight in. Compile a 'mood board' of images from magazines, newspapers and online. That simply means picking out images of conservatories that you like the look of and sticking them all together on a board or piece of paper.

This is a great way to see what sort of style you like and you can keep adding to it before you decide to go ahead and decorate. This way, you’ll be able to hit the ground running when you come to giving your conservatory a makeover. There are many places to find inspiration, so get looking and get decorating!

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