Conservatories - the forgotten room

When houses are advertised on the market as including a 'spacious conservatory', hearts tend to beat faster and eager anticipation sets in when viewing. However, it almost always ends in disappointment when this 'spacious conservatory' is merely an oddly decorated and furnished room that seems to have been tacked haphazardly onto the end of the house. For too long, conservatories have been the wanted extension to a beautiful home, but in recent times they have been made to feel like a separate entity to the rest of the house, a place where mismatched furniture, pet beds and computers live: a place which is forgotten.
RealRoof on brickbuild home

It's a shame to admit it, but these once sought-after additions to the home have now become a burden. However, with the high demand for extra space when buying property, it is vital that these neglected conservatories are reunited with the home once more.

The biggest advice given to conservatory owners is to seamlessly integrate it with the rest of your home.

The first tip is to create a constant colour and decoration scheme from the home into the conservatory. Keeping the same flooring is the simplest way to create consistency between the rooms and your conservatory, as it doesn't show separation. Similarly, keeping colour schemes and furnishings uniformed creates this unity. Glass walls create that spacious aspect, defining it as a conservatory, but adding matching cushions, throws, chair coverings and furniture is a simple way to blend the rooms and make this a space you want to spend time in.

Another segregating feature of a conservatory is the stark change in temperature from the house. Conservatories are usually either too hot or too cold; however, with the installation of under-floor heating, temperature is now under your control. Creating a toasty room for the winter (and a cool room for the summer) makes the conservatory a room that is an integrated and streamlined part of the house.

Likewise, the installation of a solid roof, instead of the typical glass roof, creates a sense that the conservatory is not simply a glass box tacked onto the end of the house, but more an extension, whereby bi-fold doors and glass walls create a truly beautiful air of space to the room. Solid roofs also give good insulation and help keep the room at a good temperature, making it feel like an inclusive section of the house.

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