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Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

30th January 2018

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Do you Need to Apply for Planning Permission for Building a Conservatory?

If you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, you will need to apply for planning permission before you build your conservatory. There are 47 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can find out if you live in one by going to http://www.landscapesforlife.org.uk/.

If your home is viewable from within an AONB’s boundaries, you may still need planning permission for your conservatory, so it is always worth checking with your local council before any work or plans are drawn up. If you live in Scotland AONB are known as National Scenic Areas (NSA). You can find out if you live in one by going to www.snh.org.uk.

If you live in an AONB, you need to contact your local council and speak to a planning or conservation officer. They will be able to offer you expert advice on what you need to do to get permission for your conservatory. The design and materials your conservatory is built from will have a major effect on whether you get planning permission.

The conservatory will need to blend in with the building, as well as the surrounding area, so materials such as polycarbonate are frowned upon compared to glass. You will need to use local materials, such as local natural stone rather than brick for the base, for instance, to ensure you maintain the harmony of the area.

If you live in an AONB, you will need permission to knock down an existing conservatory. It is best to speak to your local council before undertaking any work. Your Ultra Installer will be able to offer advice on the design and construction of your conservatory, as they will know the dos and don’t’s of building one in your area.

General Advice: Getting Planning Consent for a Conservatory

If you live somewhere other than in an area of outstanding natural beauty, you’ll probably be wondering how easy it’ll be to get planning permission for a conservatory.  In most cases, an extension like this will fall under the banner of ‘permissible developments’ – but some exceptions will apply, which is why we’ve tried to cover off these eventualities here.

How Big Will Your New Conservatory Be?

Unfortunately, you won’t have carte blanche to build a conservatory of any size. Restrictions will apply, and you’ll need to adhere to strictly them, else you could fall foul of red tape later.

Your conservatory should not occupy any more than 50% of the land that falls within the curtilage of your home – otherwise, you could be asked to start all over again by your council.

Take care to include any existing structures – like greenhouses or sheds – in your calculations. Their dimensions will count toward how much space you have available for your building.

Will Your Conservatory Include a Raised Platform?

You want your new room to stand out and add solid market value to your home. For this reason, you may be thinking about unique ways to create space and an eye-catching design.

Adding a veranda or second-storey extension may have crossed your mind. Regrettably, raised platforms like these aren’t allowed, and your design should not exceed one-storey.

How Tall Will Your New Conservatory Roof Be?

Height restrictions will apply to your roof to ensure it conforms to the same architectural design of other properties in your area and stop your conservatory from blocking out the light.

Make sure your roof matches the style of your home if your extension is higher than one-storey. The total height of your extension shouldn’t exceed the height of your property.

Don’t Proceed Without Speaking to an Expert First

Although it’s important to be conversant with planning permission rules in your area, you should never proceed with – or instruct any – work without checking your design with an expert.

Talk to your Ultra Installer first, so they can review your conservatory design plans first and make recommendations. They will be able to help you cut through red tape where issues exist.

Exceptions to the Rule: What to do in all Other Cases

Seek specialist advice if you want to extend your home but:

  • you live in a flat or maisonette, as these are governed by a different set of rules;
  • Live in an area where a planning condition or restriction might affect your design.

Find an Accredited Ultra Installer

For dependable conservatory planning permission advice, use our search tool to locate a qualified Ultra Installer near you. They’ll be able to advise you on a range of issues, including conservatories, house extensions, orangeries and any other Ultraframe product.

Would you like to speak to us first? Please submit your question using the form provided at the end of the search process. We will then contact you using your preferred method will a more detailed response to your question.

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