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Do Conservatories Add Value to Your Home?

12th December 2014

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Building a conservatory or a single-storey extension is widely regarded as one of the best ways to increase the value of a home. Studies have shown a conservatory can pay for itself with a return on investment of over 100% - which means a £10,000 extension could add up to £20,000 to the price of a house.

In many cases, a conservatory or extension could serve as the deciding factor in whether your property is bought. To secure yourself a worthwhile investment in this sector, the smart option would be to invest in a conservatory or extension that captures exceptional quality. Our systems allow us to stay one step ahead of modern demands to simply offer more.

The Ways a Conservatory Adds Value to Your Home

Increased Space

Space is one of the most prized commodities around and if you can create an extra room in your house in the form of an extension, that automatically makes it more valuable. Extra rooms can be created in other ways, for example by converting a loft or a cellar, but the beauty of adding a conservatory is the room gets lots of outside light and is a really pleasant place to spend time.

It is important to make sure the conservatory or extension matches the style of the rest of the house, otherwise, there is a risk it could feel bolted on and not really a part of the property. Increased space also allows you to appeal to a wider buyer demographic, as people will have different ideas as to what they could do with space.

Enhanced Flexibility

Most rooms only have one main purpose, but the same cannot be said for a conservatory. Lots of people use their conservatory for entertaining, while for others it is an extra sitting room that is perfect for whiling away a summer afternoon. Others prefer to use their conservatory as an extra gym to help them get into a better routine.

For some people, the conservatory is even their home office, while many families use their conservatory as a children's play area. The conservatory is the most flexible room in the house - and flexibility means added value. We offer a wide range of conservatory styles and roof options that allow you to bring a new addition to your home that increases potential use.

Better Lifestyle

Having a conservatory suggests a superior type of lifestyle, and that can be reflected in the value of your home. They can be a great place to grow indoor plants, acting as a gateway between your home and your garden, helping to make your house feel like a natural place. Modern conservatories have a more ‘room-like’ fell to ensure they are a seamless addition.

Conservatories and home extensions have been proven to make houses more attractive to buyers, making them quicker to sell and for a higher price. Conservatories and extensions are also quick, simple and hassle-free home improvement projects compared to loft or basement conversions, making them a cost-effective way to boost the value of a home, both old or new.

Ultraframe Conservatory Systems

To cater to a wider homeowner demographic, we offer three distinct styles of the conservatory. This includes ‘Performance Conservatories’, ‘Designer Conservatories’ and ‘Classic Conservatories’, each of which brings their own degree of quality and features. Your nearest Ultraframe specialist will be able to offer advice on how to find the right one for you.

The internal pelmet that we install is essential to obtaining the ‘room-like’ feel that we mentioned earlier, allowing you to bring a new addition to your home that extends and enhances your current living space without feeling like something separate. This pelmet can also be fitted with speakers and a range of lighting options to get a room that is tailored to you.

Our conservatories can be fitted with three high-performance conservatory roof systems, the ‘Classic’ roof, the ‘Ultraroof’ and the ‘Livinroof’. Leading the way in performance, aesthetics, versatility, durability and design, our conservatory roof systems allow you to enjoy a living area that stays warm in the winter and remains cool in the winter.

Find Your Nearest Conservatory Installer

Increasing the value of your home has never been easier with our unbeatable conservatory systems. We are able to offer a range of customisation options, including a selection of high-quality colours, to ensure you get the right addition for your home. Whatever you are looking for, we are sure to have the right choice for you.

Find your nearest Approved Ultra Installer today to invest in a new home improvement solution that is handled by professionals. All of our Ultraframe specialists are vetted and assessed before we approve them, which guarantees an outstanding level of professionalism, reliability and efficiency across the whole installation process.

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