Sunroom Conservatories

The Lean To conservatory - for those that prefer the clean understated lines of a ‘Mediterranean’ style sunroom a lean-to is the perfect choice.

Sunroom is a term more commonly used in the North American conservatory market. In Europe they are usually referred to as lean to’s or Mediterranean style conservatories because of their similarity to buildings in southern Europe.

This style of conservatory is most often seen on bungalows or low eaves buildings because of the need for a low pitch. Ultraframe’s Ultralite and Elevation roofing systems are the perfect example of a Sunroom roof.

Sunrooms are generally limited to square or rectangular shapes due to the pitch restrictions and because of their design they are more often seen as an extension to the garden than of the house. Ultraframe however can offer some interesting design features to vary this shape such as the Elevation Plus roof. Sunrooms are ideal for homes that have limited space for a conservatory and because of their design they are the most cost effective way of adding a conservatory and space to your home.