Office Conservatories

Not Your Average Office

A conservatory makes the perfect work environment

With an increasing number of people now working from home either permanently of just for a few days each week, it is becoming necessary to have a separate space in the home where you are able to work, think and plan in peace, undisturbed from the rest of the home. However, trying to find a quiet, yet suitable place to work without getting in the way of the rest of the family can be difficult.

A conservatory makes an inspiring place to workBy adding a conservatory to your home is the ideal solution to your office woes. As well as giving you an extra room, a conservatory offers so much versatility, it can be designed to suit your individual office needs, lifestyle and moods.

Transforming an Ultraframe conservatory into a study or home office, enables you to work away from the hustle and bustle of the main part of the home, offering you all the peace and quiet you require, while at the same time you are within reach of everything you need from the rest of the home. What’s more, your garden is literally outside your office door. Enjoy a short break with a walk around the garden, take a phone call outside, or simply sit and enjoy your lunch break in the beautiful surroundings of your garden, whatever the weather.

A conservatory office is unlike your average home study or office, which are often consigned to the back bedroom, box room or the small area under the stairs - not always practical, especially when guests come to stay. In addition, spending long periods of time working in such a confined environment with a considerable lack of storage can become almost claustrophobic, especially as most have only one small window for means of natural light and ventilation. This can make the room seem lacklustre, dark and uninspiring, creating a lack of enthusiasm for your work.

An Ultraframe conservatory provides plenty of room for everything you need in an office environment. With ample room for a computer and general office equipment you will have the extra room you have always dreamed of. A conservatory also offers a light and airy atmosphere within a spacious and comfortable environment. Your local Ultra Installer will be able advise you on the best ventilation and heating to suit both you and your conservatory.

Ultraframe conservatories - the modern take on the home office An inspirational new working environment will help you become more creative, therefore enabling you to become more productive in your work. And with a conservatory, on average, adding around £11,000 to your property, it’s a fantastic investment opportunity all round!

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