Next Generation Orangery

9 November 2011 | 0 Comments

Mark Hanson, Marketing Manager at Ultraframe:

With fashion and tastes changing, we have seen a dramatic shift in the market from standard conservatories, to ‘crossover’ products such as orangeries which bridge the gap between a conservatory and extension, and blur the garden/home interface.

However, as a business we have found that while customers like the look and feel of a full orangery, they sometimes find that their available funds fall somewhat short.

This has sparked the development of innovative, value alternatives which which provide retailers with a systemized, configurable approach to allow them to better grasp the ‘volume’ orangery opportunity.

These ‘mock’ orangeries have been specifically designed to give consumers the feel of an extension, but at the price point of a conservatory, whilst avoiding Local Authority ‘red tape’ in most instances.

However, there are many elements that need to be taken into consideration by retailers looking to break into, or already in, the volume orangery market. As such, we have put together a buyer’s checklist to make sure that retailers are asking the right questions:

• Does the product you are buying feature a glazed roof with true engineering pedigree?
• Does roof and Orangery come with one manufacturers warranty, 10 years long? No split responsibility?
• How configurable is the system you are buying? Can it undertake all of the designs your sales team need?
• When building the ceiling inside, does it rely on support from brick piers or is it self supporting?
• Is the roof and perimeter ceiling factory pre-built together?
• Are there any structural checks made on the overall roof structure/perimeter ceiling to ensure compliance with BS6399?
• Do you have the choice of projection from 300-1200mm, all self supported by the roof?
• Can the system accommodate variable pitch – are you left with gaps between the glazing and pelmet when the pitch is anything but 25 degrees?
• How does what you source cope with pitch variation across Georgian and Victorian hips?
• Windows all round or only brick piers as what you buy has to have support?
• Do you have to wait longer than you think is necessary to receive the product? Can you get it in 5 days, same as the roof?
• Can you easily introduce wider door openings without additional construction and reinforcement?
• Does the system come complete with ‘cloaking screen’ to ensure that the view from windows above is tidy?
• Is the perimeter ceiling additionally insulated as part of the package? Is additional solar control provided to further improve ‘livability’?
• Can you additionally improve the external looks by specifying a decorative powder coated aluminium Cornice to hide the PVC gutter and bar end caps?
• Does the product come with class leading step by step installation instructions?


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