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Why You Should Consider House Extensions

5th August 2015

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Considering a House Extension

House extensions are the perfect alternative to those looking to move house in order to escape cluttered surroundings. With increasing family sizes and a lack of space in many modern homes, it's common to assume that moving could solve all the problems.

However, with rising costs and an uncertainty in the property market, it may be wise to extend your property, adding extra room while increasing your house’s market value. By adding house extensions onto your property, you could stay in your already decorated and loved the house.

Single storey conversions are another good way of enlarging your house and creating more space for additional bedrooms or an en-suite. What’s better than personalising your home to cater for you and your family’s ever-changing needs?

Versatile, High-Performance House Extensions

With the kitchen and rear of the house becoming more of a social environment, house extensions that lead onto a garden would be a huge investment, providing joy for children. Enhancing this, large windows seamlessly bring the outside space closer to the interior, allowing for larger dining areas that could extend to the garden.

Choose thermally efficient materials when selecting your house extensions; allowing enjoyment and comfort no matter what the temperature! From full glass walls to enhance the natural lighting to fitted radiators and underfloor heating, there is something for everyone when choosing home improvements from Ultraframe.

Whether you want energy efficient materials or a modern industrial feel, there is a variation of house extensions styles that can be personalised to suit your needs. Create the home you’ve always dreamed of by simply enhancing what you already have. This means you’ll be able to bring a new addition to your home that reflects you.

Getting the Right House Extensions for You

The first thing to do when deciding on your house extension is to find out the current market price of your property, as well as an estimated value from an estate agent on its potential value once changes have been made. This will give you a good idea on how much value you could add to your house.

When thinking of investing in house extensions, research the types that are popular in your area. A period property may require something that blends into the structure and features of the house, while a new build might look best with a modern new design, complete with energy efficient materials.

Overdeveloping could affect a good return if you do decide to sell your property in the future. Plan a budget and discuss it with your builder or architect, bringing your dream of an extension to life. Identify what you want from the extension; perhaps an extra bedroom or a lighter, airier feel to your property?

Planning and Choosing Your House Extensions

Keep your house extensions plan simple but well defined, not going over the top with fancy details. The architect will be able to assess if your plan is possible on your budget, negotiating quotes until you’ve reached your agreement. Then, Let the building commence! Watch your extension come to life brick by brick, creating a welcoming new space to enjoy with all your family.

Our process allows you to bring an addition to your home in a quick and simple way. With our expert installers, you’ll always know where you are with your home extension. We’ll tell you what’s possible with a lifelike 3D image; we’ll sort the paperwork on your approved plan and do as much as possible to minimise the mess.

We offer a precise, full service 5 step process to ensure you enjoy exceptional quality sooner and easier. We make it easy for you to enjoy all the benefits of leading design, notably reducing hassle, stress and installation time to offer you more across the board. This efficient and carefully planned process includes:

  • Free Site Survey
  • Specification and Quote
  • Scheduling
  • Manufacturing
  • Built and Approved

We’ll handle everything every step of the way. It doesn’t matter if you choose the Ultraroof extension, or the Livinroof extension we’ll make sure to provide you with a service that results in the perfect fit for your home. No matter your property style or size, we’ll have something to secure the perfect to fit.

Find Your Nearest House Extensions Installer

The house extensions that we offer are the result of an innovative and meticulous manufacturing process. We pride ourselves on heavily investing in research and development to deliver a standard of product that completely outclasses other designs on the market, whilst meeting the demands and expectations of the modern day.

Find your nearest Ultra Approved Installer to enjoy leading house extensions, installed by professionals who specialise in efficiency and reliability. All Ultraframe specialists are vetted and approved in accordance with our standards, which means you are sure to always get the very best service and product available.

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