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What Is the Best Conservatory Roof Material?

30th November 2018

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What is the Best Conservatory Roof Material?

The conservatory landscape has been changing for some time now. Homeowners seeking out the best conservatory roof material for their new-build are favouring tiled, aluminium and glass designs, while property owners with old polycarbonate systems are doing the same and replacing them with more efficient options.

This makes choosing the best conservatory roof material that much easier. Whether you’re upgrading an existing system – or starting afresh – a definitive landscape has been set that allows homeowners to observe current trends and make informed decisions that will add market-appeal to their home and improve its stamp value.

What are the Different Types of Conservatory Roof?

There are 4 main types of conservatory roofs:

  • Glass conservatory roofs
  • Hybrid conservatory roofs - part glass and part solid
  • Tiled conservatory roofs
  • Flat conservatory roof including a lantern - better known as a flat roof or orangery roof

Tiles and Glass: Which is the Best Conservatory Roof Material?

Tiles and glass have, until quite recently, been viewed as separate entities. You either have a tiled conservatory roof or a glass-based system, meaning that you have to make a compromise between warmth and natural light when choosing the best conservatory roof material.

Fortunately, Ultraframe can offer its customers a conservatory roof that responds to this issue. We offer two hybrid products that fuse together the benefits of glazed and solid systems to deliver incredible amounts of natural light and outstanding thermal performance.

Ultraroof Replacement Roof

You won’t need to worry about choosing the best conservatory roof material with this system. Full-height glazing can be integrated into the tiled area of the roof; if you prefer, Velux windows can be inserted instead. Internally Ultraroof creates an environment that’s filled with light and is warm and comfortable  – turning your conservatory into an everyday room.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Installation

Livinroof Replacement Roof

Inherently flexible, this is a logical alternative to the Ultraroof Replacement roof. The Livinroof allows for the introduction of shaped glazing instead absolutely anywhere in the roof creating a stunning and unique design with light exactly where you need it. An insulated pelmet completes that all-important real room feel and contributes toward an overall U-value of 0.16.

People often ask if aluminium is the best conservatory roof material. It is used to create the grey panels in the Livinroof because this neutral colour marries well with both contemporary and traditional builds. Externally the Livinroof looks similar to a traditional leaded seamed roof, but with a modern twist of shaped glazing.

Conservatory Roof Installation

Performance Glass Replacement Roof

Looking for the best conservatory roof material? Do you want a product that is predominantly glass-based and which will block out most solar rays, while rewarding you with a thermally efficient room capable of achieving a U-value of 1.0? Using the Classic Roof as the foundation for its design, our Performance Glass Replacement roof will meet your expectations.

Conservatory Installation

Is Aluminium the Best Conservatory Roof Material?

Aluminium is an incredibly strong material and lasts a long time. It requires virtually no upkeep to retain its quality and may continue to add value for as long as 30 years. Aluminium is arguably the best material for this reason, which is why it’s used in our Quantal Roof structure – a thermally efficient system that uses externally sleeved aluminium, a box gutter and other innovative features to produce an internal environment that’s always comfortable.

That is not to say that uPVC is without its merit. Likewise, it is incredibly strong, thermally efficient and durable and is used internally to complete the design of our Quantal Roof.

Glass is used extensively throughout the Quantal system and is self-cleaning. It is available in different colours – ‘Activ Blue,’ ‘Neutral,’ Green’ and ‘Clear.’

Which is the Best Conservatory Roof Material? Your Questions Answered

Is the Best Conservatory Roof Material Expensive?

The term ‘best’ is relative to your budget and design ambitions. Aluminium is widely regarded as the best conservatory roof material and, is a result, more expensive than uPVC or timber – but it may be a prudent investment, as it has a longer shelf life.

Is the Best Conservatory Roof Material the Warmest?

In response to this question:

  • The materials used in the construction of our conservatory roofs are designed to maximise comfort and reduce your carbon footprint and heating costs.
  • Our high-performance glass is designed to allow optimal light penetration, while also keeping your room the perfect temperature year-round.
  • Aluminium is not naturally thermally efficient, but the inclusion of polyamide thermal break brings it up to the same level as other materials.
  • Is uPVC the best conservatory roof material? We use it internally in our Quantal Roofs and are confident in its thermal properties.

Is the Best Conservatory Roof Material the Strongest?

Our conservatory roof systems need to be considered together. The glass, uPVC and aluminium used to build our products each have residual strength. But this structural integrity is also the by-product of meticulous calculations made using NASA satellite data that enables us to build roofs that can cope with local extreme wind and snow loads.

Is the Best Conservatory Roof Material Also Watertight?

Your new Ultraframe roof will excel in every area. Our systems have been designed and tested to cope with wind speeds as high as 130mph, while still preventing the ingress of water.

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