What Is the Best Conservatory Roof Material?

8th May 2024

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What is the Best Conservatory Roof Material?

The conservatory landscape has been changing for some time now. Homeowners seeking out the best conservatory roof replacement or newly built conservatory are favouring tiled, aluminium, and glass conservatory roof materials. Homeowners with outdated polycarbonate conservatory roofs are transforming their old conservatories using our modern and more energy efficient conservatory roof options.

This makes choosing the best conservatory roof material much easier. Whether you’re upgrading an existing conservatory roof – or starting afresh – our range of conservatory roof types allows you to create a new living space tailored to your exact requirements.

What are the Different Conservatory Roof Types?

There are 4 main conservatory roof types:

Tiled or Glass: Which is the Best Conservatory Roof Type?

Tiled and glass roofs are often viewed as separate conservatory roof options. Homeowners will typically choose between a tiled conservatory roof with integrated glass panels or windows, or a full glass conservatory roof. If you're considering a conservatory roof replacement, you will probably evaluate both roof options to determine which one will be the best conservatory roof replacement for your project.

We have a range of replacement roof types designed with the best materials to transform your old conservatory. You might be looking for a thermally efficient glass conservatory roof, a combination of solid and glass panels, or a lightweight tiled conservatory roof.

Ultraroof - Tiled Conservatory Replacement Roof Type

Ultraroof is a lightweight tiled roof system designed to transform your conservatory into an everyday room that is consistently the same temperature as the rest of your home. If you want to create an extension-like living space, a tiled roof replacement is likely to be the best conservatory roof material.

You can ensure plenty of natural light in your new living space by adding full height glazing panels, or you can opt for smaller Velux style windows. Ultraroof tiled conservatory replacement roof is also available as a completely solid roof with no windows or glazing.

Livinroof - Hybrid Conservatory Roof

You no longer have to choose between a solid or glass conservatory roof replacement. As a hybrid conservatory roof, Livinroof combines the best elements of both. Shaped glazing can be positioned anywhere on the roof to direct natural light where it's needed most and create stunning designs that are not easily achievable with other solid roof systems.

Livinroof is constructed from aluminium panels, making it the best conservatory roof material if you want a robust but stylish replacement conservatory roof. Internally, Livinroof is stunning. It can deliver a magnificent vaulted ceiling and incorporates an internal pelmet around its perimeter, into which lights or speakers can be installed.

Glass Roof - Thermally Efficient Conservatory Replacement Roof

The Ultraframe Glass Conservatory Roof has been refined and enhanced for over 30 years with over 1 million installations. The performance glass used in your roof will help to keep your room at a comfortable temperature all year round. So if you're looking to create a new space filled with natural light, glass could be the best conservatory roof type and material for you.

Is Aluminium the Best Conservatory Roof Material?

Aluminium is an incredibly strong as a conservatory roof material and lasts a long time. It requires virtually no upkeep to retain its quality, and when compared to wood and uPVC, aluminium is arguably the best conservatory roof material –  which is why it’s used in our Quantal system. This is a thermally efficient conservatory roof option that uses externally sleeved aluminium, a box gutter, and other innovative features to produce an internal environment that’s always comfortable.

That is not to say that uPVC is without its merit. Likewise, it is incredibly strong, thermally efficient and durable and is used internally to complete the design of our Quantal Roof.

Glass is used extensively throughout the Quantal roof option and is self cleaning. It is also available in different colours – ‘Activ Blue,’ ‘Neutral,’ Green’ and ‘Clear.’

Is the Best Conservatory Roof Material Expensive?

The term ‘best’ is relative to your budget and design ambitions. All of our conservatory roof types are available in a variety of materials. If you're considering a glass, tiled or hybrid conservatory roof, speak with your local Ultra Installer, who will be able to provide all of the information you need to make a decision on the best conservatory roof material.

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Is The Best Conservatory Roof Material the Warmest?

The materials used in the construction of our conservatory roofs are designed to maximise thermal performance, providing comfort and reducing your carbon footprint and heating costs.

High performance glass is designed to provide maximum light while managing solar gain, keeping your roof at the perfect temperature year-round.

Is the Best Conservatory Roof Material the Strongest?

If you choose a Glass Conservatory Roof, Livinroof or Ultraroof, our specialist software uses NASA satellite data to ensure your conservatory roof will withstand the worst possible wind and snow loads in your exact postcode.

Is the Best Conservatory Roof Material Also Watertight?

All of our roofing systems are designed to ensure maximum performance in all weather to avoid unwanted water ingress.

Get Help Choosing the Best Conservatory Roof Material

Find your local Ultra Installer, who will help you with all aspects of your conservatory roof replacement project and can provide more information on all of our replacement conservatory roof types. As well as helping you choose the best conservatory roof material for your needs. 

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