Ultraframe's innovative Central Lighting Panel

For any kind of room or space, lighting is fundamental to its look, its feel and its atmosphere - and conservatories and glazed extensions are no exception. Lighting is key to achieving the right balance of functionality and ambience, and it should be treated with the same degree of importance as the rest of the design and construction of your conservatory.

Your choice of lighting will define how you will use the space. Practically speaking a bright, directed light can enable you to read or work in your conservatory or glazed extension. Alternatively, a more subtle light can help to set the mood for a party, a family get together or just a relaxing evening in.

The Central Lighting Panel is an innovative lighting system from Ultraframe, delivering flexible and high quality lighting solutions for conservatories and glass roof extensions. The system adds a safe, insulated electrical unit that sits under the central ridge of a glazed roof. For lean-to style conservatories and extensions, the central lighting panel system can alternatively be installed at the point where the glazed roof meets the wall of the main building.

In either case, Central Lighting Panel means that you can now install lights in places where you otherwise wouldn't be able to. By bringing quality lighting to your conservatory, it's now much easier to use the space effectively, making it feel more like a proper part of your home. In addition, because it's installed at the apex - where most of the heat from a conservatory is typically lost - Central Lighting Panel can boost its thermal efficiency.

Central Lighting Panel delivers a huge range of lighting options, from spots and rail lights to pendants or even chandeliers. Choose from a wide range of lighting designs, encompassing everything from traditional elegance to the latest cutting edge styles. Whatever look and style you desire, Central lighting Panel can help you to achieve it. Central Lighting Panel can even be made to match your décor, colour scheme and furniture as you can safely paint the unit any colour you like.

By being flexible and customisable, Central Lighting Panel means you won't have to compromise when designing your ideal conservatory or glazed extension.