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Top energy efficiency tips for your home improvement

19th September 2014

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Top energy efficiency tips for your home improvement

Structures like loggias and conservatories provide versatile extra space that can be used in many different ways to benefit your home and your family.

To get the most from your home improvement, and ensure that heat isn’t lost, especially from your conservatory, it’s important that you stay as energy-efficient as possible. Ultimately, this will reduce energy consumption and save you money on bills, too.

You probably already know about fully switching off appliances you are not using, using energy-efficient lightbulbs, updating your boiler to an A-rated one, reducing use of your tumble dryer, and washing clothes on a cool setting where possible.

Using an energy-friendly thermostat can also help, by controlling hot water and heating. It could save you up to £150 a year.

Equally, of course, there is no point heating rooms no-one is using, and you should turn down heating as soon as a room starts to feel even a little bit too warm.

Another key factor is insulation. That includes wall insulation for homes built post-1920 and loft insulation as well.

If your conservatory is off your lounge or kitchen, having well-insulated doors with proper draught proofing will stop loss of heat.

It also helps temperature regulation to have energy efficient glass in the roof. It has a special coating to keep in more heat when it’s colder. This reduces the need for additional sources of warmth such as gas fires or electric heaters. Equally, in the summer, thanks to reduced glare, your conservatory or loggia stays cooler, reducing reliance on fans or other cooling solutions. Blinds and shutters also help prevent overheating.

When it comes to frames, uPVC ones are highly durable and recyclable.

Buy the most energy-efficient windows you can afford, bearing in mind that double or triple glazed windows are better than those with single glazing.

If you come in and out of your home via your conservatory, you will lessen heat loss, as air entering the house will be warmed on its way in.

Follow these tips for your home and conservatory and stay comfortable all year round, without breaking the bank in energy bills.

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