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Fresh Rear Extension Ideas for Your Home

8th May 2018

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A rear extension will give you the extra space you need for a new dining room, lounge, study – or another room of your choice. A range of options will be available to you.

Where to start your research for a rear extension presents a challenge, of course. What building style is best? Is a traditional extension better – or an orangery or conservatory?

Choose Your Favourite Design

Each of our products can be customised to your specification, so please ask your approved Ultra Installer for help when contacting them.

Ultrasky Roof

Orangery Rear Extension

Traditional Style

If you prefer the classic look of brick and want your rear extension to feel enclosed and like a natural continuation of your home, choose our Traditional Orangery.

Roof Choices

Three roof options are available with this product:

    • Classic Roof – versatile and compatible with any system, extensively glazed to let in lots of light
    • Quantal Roof – made from aluminium and featuring fewer bars to optimise illumination levels
    • Ultrasky Roof – designed to make the space below it bright, it can also cope with wide spans
    • Any of the above roofs will work with your orangery rear extension and stop your room from becoming too dark. Your Ultra Installer will help you make the right choice.

Add French Doors

French doors are ideal if you want your room to be a private space. When fully closed, the world outside will be kept at a distance – although the glass used in your windows and doors will still let in lots of light and prevent your rear extension from feeling enclosed.

Balance of Colour

Contrast warm earthy tones with bright shades and reflective surfaces. That way, you’ll catch the light and make sure your room feels cosy but never claustrophobic. The spotlights in your insulated pelmet will keep your orangery room suitably illuminated at night time.

Create a Patio Area

Turn your rear extension into a space that’s perfect for entertaining during warmer weather. Use paving outside your French doors to create a courtyard feel and mark out the space using a low brick or stone wall. Plants or ornaments could be used to further frame your outdoor space.

Classic Conservatory Roof

Conservatory Rear Extensions

Create a modern looking extension when you choose to add our Designer Conservatory to the rear are of your home.

Roof Choices

Choose this modern-looking rear extension and then select from one of the following two roof systems:

  • Quantal Roof – designed from light-weight aluminium, this roof will reward you with super sightlines and uncluttered views of the outside.
  • Classic Roof – also a glazed roof, this system can be configured to suit almost any building style, so you’ll have a great deal of creative scope.

Decorative Cornice

Captivate visitors to your home with a beautifully renovated roofline that will hide the guttering in your designer conservatory. Also available in a curved format, our decorative cornice is anthracite grey in colour and there are four styles to choose from.

Traditional or Modern

Do you like classic-looking or contemporary rear extensions? Depending on your preference, you could opt for:

Full height glazing sat on top of a low-skirting dwarf wall. Masonry and light perfectly combine to create a light-filled room that looks, feels and performs like a natural extension of your home – turning it into a space that can be used year-round for relaxing and entertaining.

Super-insulated columns that add a touch of modern style to your extension and which are internally plastered to create a comfortable environment inside, while also delivering thermal efficiency levels five times higher than brick piers of an equivalent dimension.

Create a Lounge Space

The variable width internal pelmet included with your conservatory allows speakers or spotlights to be fitted. Additional lighting can be fixed into a central lighting panel that will also act as focal point and decorative feature.

Make the most of your cosy and bright environment by combining reflective colours with warm and earthy tones to create a pleasing contrast. Turn your new room into a mini cinema with a centrally-placed wide screen television.

Traditional Rear Extensions

We also offer a range of extensions that draw on the strength of our conservatories and orangeries, but which have been designed with planning permission and building regulations in mind. If you want an open-plan design that won’t include connecting doors between your home and new room, our range offers the perfect solution.

Ultraroof Conservatory

The Ultraroof Extension

Rear extensions built in this style are incredibly versatile. You’ll have complete control over how the light falls with this unique hybrid design, which effortlessly fuses together the aesthetic and performance-related benefits of glazed and tiled conservatory roof systems.

Ask your Ultra Installer to fit full-height glazing panels in your roof to flood the space below it with lots of natural light. Alternatively, Velux windows can be fitted – providing an altogether different look but without forcing you to compromise on illumination levels.

Open-Plan Kitchen Extension

Our Ultraroof rear extensions blend spaces together using the natural properties of light. This roof system will illuminate your kitchen and extension, joining the two areas together and uniting their purpose.

Turn your new room into a lounge or dining area where people can sit and enjoy a meal while enjoying views of your garden, which will have been made that much clearer due to the inclusion of wide-opening bi-fold doors.

Your bi-fold doors will connect your home and extension to your garden, so that the three spaces flow together. Convert your outside area into a patio section where you can enjoy drinks on warm summer evenings – or enjoy a BBQ.

Use our VR Tool

Take a closer look at our rear extensions range by taking a tour of your preferred design without having to leave your home. The 360° view enabled by our software means that you’ll be able to explore your proposed room space without missing a thing, while using dedicated hot-spots to reveal information about specific features.

Save Your Ideas

As you explore our site, you can save images of rear extensions that you like to your Scrapbook. You can revisit your image library later on your laptop, mobile or tablet - at home or when you’re on the move.

Find a Rear Extensions Installer

Use our free search tool to find a rear extensions fitter in your area. Our nationwide network of approved UItra Installers will have been rigorously assessed by us to ensure a high standard.

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