Glass Conservatory Roof Replacement – A Complete Guide

15th May 2024

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Replacement roofs for contemporary conservatories are available in a variety of styles and materials and with multiple roofing systems to choose from. If you are wondering if a full glass or solid roof with glass panels is the best choice for your conservatory, the Ultraframe experts are here to help you decide. 

Ultraframe is a conservatory roof replacement expert, and we have spent over 40 years perfecting our systems. Being the first conservatory roofing company to pass Europe’s most strict testing regime, BBA, and achieve certification, our conservatory roof replacements are credibly approved. Using the latest innovative technologies, they are also engineered to postcode with NASA satellites to provide a fully bespoke design. 

Our product range consists of the Glass Roof, Livinroof and Ultraroof, and each system has its own unique benefits. If you can’t decide between full glass or glass panels, read on for our expert advice on the best ways to convert conservatory roofs. 

Glass Conservatory Roof Replacement

Traditionally, old conservatories were built with glass or polycarbonate roof systems. Glass has many appealing qualities, and with advancements in glazing technology, modern homeowners can now enjoy a glass conservatory roof replacement without any performance issues. 

In the past, poor quality glazing meant that conservatory roofs were unable to provide adequate temperature control all year round. A low performance glass conservatory roof will not be able to retain heat inside during the winter effectively and will also cause the space below to overheat throughout the summer. It is not uncommon for older conservatories to be unusable for periods of the year due to these heat control issues. 

glass roof conservatory design

Fortunately, it is possible to convert conservatory roof systems to create a modern energy efficient space. An outdated and underperforming polycarbonate roof can be replaced with a glass roof system built with high tech, energy efficient glazing. At Ultraframe, we offer homeowners the market leading performance Glass Roof built with innovative technology. Our high spec system features performance glass that is designed to reduce solar rays by 83% and achieve U-values as low as 0.12. When you choose the Glass Roof, your conservatory will be flooded with stunning natural light and maintain a pleasant temperature all year round. 

Why Choose a Glass Conservatory Roof Replacement? 

  • Additional natural light & sky views 

  • Enhanced thermal performance with an optional insulated internal pelmet. 

  • Up to 4 custom colour glass options.

  • Specialised self cleaning technology that is designed to keep your roof cleaner for longer.

  • Energy efficient performance glass. 

  • Reduced heat loss & solar ray protection.

  • Lighter than any other solid roof system on the market.

  • Precision engineered to your postcode by using NASA satellite data.

  • Flexible configuration for even the most complex designs.

full glass conservatory roof replacement

Glass Panel Conservatory Roof 

A full glass conservatory roof replacement will provide your conservatory with a traditional appearance, but unless you invest in a system with the latest technology, such as the Ultraframe Glass Roof, you may find your space struggles to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year. The Ultraframe Glass Roof can benefit from further insulation and the look and feel of an extension with the addition of an internal pelmet. Pelmets are available at any depth between 300mm and 1200mm, providing a choice in terms of look and insulation.

The Ultraframe glass conservatory roof replacement provides excellent temperature control during every season, but not all homeowners like the full glass aesthetic - this is where the Ultraroof tiled roof system or the Livinroof hybrid roof may be the ideal choice. 

tiled roof with glass panels

When you choose either the Livinroof or Ultraroof, glass panels can be installed into the roof, allowing you to take control of how much natural light floods into your space. Both systems feature an internal plastered vaulted ceiling which provides additional insulation and creates a space for speakers and spotlights to be installed. 

Solid roof conservatories with glass panels in the roof often feel cosier than those with a full glass installation. Your conservatory will feel more like a true extension of your home as it will have a plastered ceiling and a more room-like atmosphere. Solid conservatory roofs with glass panels provide homeowners with the best of both worlds: extra natural light and outstanding thermal performance all year round.  

Transform Your Conservatory with Ultraframe Roof Replacements  

Upgrading your conservatory with the latest designs from Ultraframe will significantly improve the thermal efficiency and aesthetics of your home. When you convert your conservatory roof with our industry leading replacements, you can benefit from a cost effective installation that is more affordable than rebuilding your entire conservatory, as our lightweight systems give your projects flexibility. Our glass and solid roofs are all designed to meet and exceed Building Regulations. 

To benefit from our replacement roofs that can be tailor made to meet your specifications and conservatory style, find your local Ultra Installer today! Our Ultra Installer scheme means that UK homeowners can relax knowing that their installation is carried by high quality installers whom we trust. Get a price for your glass conservatory roof replacement. 


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