Expert cornering with hup!

17th November 2023

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Expert cornering with hup!

The hup! lightweight building system from Ultraframe is now compatible with variable corners from 90° to 170°, meaning it can now be used to convert old Victorian conservatories into modern extensions – in addition to the multitude of styles already possible with the revolutionary system.

Commenting about the new enhancement to hup!, Alex Hewitt, Ultraframe Marketing Director, said: “hup! is the ideal choice for converting old, outdated conservatories into modern energy efficient extensions and now this is possible with Victorian styles too. Around 15-20% of the aging conservatory stock which is ready to be upgraded are Victorian style conservatories, and so the new hup! variable corners open up a massive sector of the conversion market. Converting a conservatory with hup! is extremely fast as the existing base can be reused and most builds take just 3-4 days. There are already installers up and down the UK who are enjoying the benefits of conservatory conversions with hup! and the introduction of the variable corners has now opened up this lucrative market even further. While Victorian style conservatories are often considered to be more traditional or even dated in style, once converted with hup! they can be anything but! We’ve been having fun with faceted hup! conservatory conversions designs in CGI and believe that transforming Victorian conservatories using hup! is the perfect solution for homeowners with this style, helping them to create a modern up to date look.”


A short guide has been produced to help hup! users with the specification of variable corners, which can now be specified on Ultraframe’s Udesign software. The new variable corners are included in the current square metre pricing.

Key specification criteria

• Variable corners are available with wall or windows/doors at either side

• Available in angles from 90° to 170°

• Suitable for use on 3, 5, and 7 bay Victorians

• 2 variable corners available: small corner and medium corner

Concluding, Alex said: “Conservatory conversions are a booming and lucrative market and hup! allows our installers to carry out these projects quickly and efficiently. There are currently around 1.5 million conservatories in the UK that are in need of upgrading and due to the speed, flexibility, and energy efficiency of the system, hup! is the ideal choice. It is also pre-approved for Building Regulations, meaning red tape is minimised. Victorian style conservatories are often some of the oldest conservatory stock there is and so they are typically the ones that could most benefit from an upgrade – or should I say a ‘hup!grade!’.”


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