Inspiration for Contemporary Garden Offices

20th May 2021

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So many homeowners are adding Garden Rooms to their homes right now. They are the perfect space to relax, socialise, or work out, but the most popular use for them seems to be as contemporary garden offices. Garden offices offer the ideal location to work in solitude away from the hustle and bustle of the home. They are peaceful, tranquil work spaces with views of the garden and all the amenities of the home close by – perfect!

Garden Rooms are the perfect blank canvas to create a contemporary garden office. If you’re looking for inspiration about how to create the perfect contemporary garden office, read on.

Start from the floor up. Think carefully about what flooring you will add to your new garden office. While it needs to be practical as you’ll access the room from your garden, it can still be beautiful. Choose high quality vinyls or laminates in muted tones to allow your furnishings to take centre stage. Why not choose a patterned vinyl in an on-trend design such as Parquet or a classic wood design in a modern finish such as whitewashed.

Colour. Choosing the right colour for the walls is key to creating your perfect contemporary garden office. The colour that’s right for you may vary depending on the work you do in your garden office. You might require bright uplifting colours to boost your mood whilst working. If so, modern bold colour choices to consider are strong deep navy blues, emerald greens and even shades of black! A powerful feature wall in a dark shade is a great way to bring the wow factor to a contemporary garden office, and contrary to common opinion, a dark wall can actually give a very cosy feel – not the cold feel that many people imagine. The modern country look is still very popular. To achieve this look, look for shades of white, soft neutrals and muted earthy tones or greens and blues to reflect the outdoor setting.

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Furnishings for a contemporary garden office. Furnishings are key to creating a contemporary garden office. Desks and office chairs used to be things of function alone, but there are many options now that offer function and style. Chairs in particular can make a real style statement. Think outside the box and look at chairs that are not necessarily office chairs. Many dining chairs offer a stylish alternative and you can add extra comfort with cushions if required. Fabrics that are stylish and offer a touch of the wow factor include velvet and boucle. Having an office chair in a fabric such as this will bring texture and warmth into your home office – as well as looking fabulous. In terms of colour, both ends of the scale are currently considered to be contemporary choices. Choose from rich jewel shades such as emerald green or sapphire blue which work extremely well in velvet for a modern look. Meanwhile, boucle looks fabulous in muted shades of white, paired with black legs for a scandi monochrome look.

Accessories. Bring your contemporary garden office to life and add a touch of personality with some fabulous accessories. If space is limited, picture ledges or slim shelves are a great way to display clusters of accessories. Create the perfect shelf arrangement with a mix of frames prints, artificial greenery and candles. Walls can be adorned with framed prints, photos or motivational quotes to inspire you while you work. If you’re lucky enough to have a break out area in your Garden Room office, treat yourself to luxurious chairs and a cosy rug, to give a touch of modern luxury to your contemporary garden office.

Lighting. Just like any other room in your home, choosing the right lighting for your new office is a big decision and one that will make a real style statement. Choosing matching lighting for the ceiling and desk lighting will give a unified look. It’s important to think about outside lighting too. Up and downlighters give a stunning look to the exterior of a contemporary garden office and can even be used inside too if you wish.

In terms of where to source the furnishings and accessories for your contemporary garden office, there is a huge array of options. Sure, take a look on the website of your favourite home stores or browse the shops, but don’t forget there are some other great options too. Upcycling offers the chance to include beautiful, unique pieces into your home office. You can find great bargains on eBay or in your local charity shops and either use them as they are, or add your own touches to create something special for your new workspace. TK Maxx is another great option for unique and unusual items, offering everything from furniture through to lamps and accessories. As your Garden Room is separated from your home, it allows you to experiment with styles that you might not be brave enough to try in your home. Have fun designing and creating your perfect contemporary garden office.

Garden Room styles. Of course, the style of the actual Garden Room is also crucial if you’re aiming to create a contemporary garden office. Ultraframe Garden Rooms feature detailing at the roof line which is a unique, modern feature. They also feature contemporary columns at each corner which not only enhance the energy efficiency but also look fabulous! Stay away from designs that are ornate and go for clean, bold lines and angular shapes. This will help you to achieve a contemporary look.

There are many things to consider to create the perfect contemporary garden office. You can have a huge amount of fun deciding on your theme and sourcing, buying and adding your furnishings and accessories. More so than any other room in your home, a Garden Room is a truly blank canvas that can be easily turned into a contemporary garden office with a touch of imagination.

Think carefully about what a contemporary garden office means to you and then enjoy sourcing your furnishings and bring them all together. As with any home décor project, take inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram – you may find ideas that you’d not even considered that will help you to create a stunning contemporary garden office.

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