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A Conservatory Through the Seasons

9th January 2018

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While your garden and patio are wonderful places to relax during the summer months, the British weather means that for the most part we can’t enjoy them as much as we would like to. Yet, by adding a conservatory to your home, it will not only give you the extra space you have always dreamed of, but it will bring the outdoors into your home to create a unique living area that can be enjoyed all year round, whatever the weather.

We offer three distinct conservatory styles to ensure you get the perfect option for your home, this includes ‘Performance Conservatories’, ‘Designer Conservatories’ and ‘Classic Conservatories’. Each of these styles offers their own unique standard of quality, utilising the most technologically advanced systems on the current market to deliver an unrivalled degree of home improvement solution for your property. This includes intelligent designs for maximum comfort.

Our Marketing Manager Commented:

“Ultraframe has always made a virtue of the ventilation systems in its conservatory roofs and is the only manufacturer to provide ventilation as standard on all its roofing systems.”

Securing Conservatory Comfort

To make sure you get the most out of your conservatory, the conservatory environment – temperature, airflow and condensation – is crucial, and Ultraframe have carefully designed their conservatories to ensure premium comfort. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy your conservatory 365 days a year, no matter how adverse the weather gets outside.

Using Ultraframe’s Conservaglass, which is specifically developed for UK weather conditions, ensures that solar heat is kept out in summer whilst maintaining warmth from heating appliances in winter. Plus, patented Ultraframe ventilation systems such as trickle ventilation ensures that the air continues to circulate, minimising condensation.

The Marketing Manager of Ultraframe Continued:

“We understand that homeowners depend on us to turn their dreams into an all year round reality. By providing a selection of ventilation solutions, combined with our market leading products and design techniques, an Ultraframe roof can ensure comfort for conservatory owners whatever the weather.”

 Enjoy Your Conservatory All Year Round

Relax and enjoy your winter garden as if it were summer, take pleasure in the vibrant colours that the British spring and autumn bring to our gardens or sit with a chilled drink in the warmer summer months. Our roofing products are the most thermally efficient on the market, ensuring that you’ll be comfortable in your conservatory whatever the season.

Autumn Conservatories

Autumn is the favourite season of many people. Although the days start to get shorter and cooler, the changes that begin to take place within your garden really make your conservatory a great place to be. What better way to watch the beautiful autumn colours of your trees and plants than from your conservatory.

Guy Fawkes night, or as some know it bonfire night, is one of the highlights of the year for both child and adult alike. A conservatory is a great place to sit in the warmth yet still have a great view of the fire work displays and most importantly it allows you to enjoy the night in safety. Our conservatories are sure to be the ideal addition to any property.

Spring Conservatories

Spring is often described as the first soft touch of summer. After a long hard winter, what better way is there to enjoy the early morning Spring sunshine as it radiates into your garden than from within your conservatory? The breeze may still feel cool but a conservatory allows you to enjoy your garden, as life is breathed in to it again.

A conservatory makes the most of the Spring sunshine, as the roof is designed to keep heat in during the cooler months so a crisp sunny morning in April could well feel like a hot August day and what better place to perhaps watch your children or grandchildren undertake an Easter egg hunt than from the comfort of your favourite chair in your conservatory.

Summer Conservatories

Summertime is when a conservatory really comes in to its own. The conservatory is more likely used as a bridge between the house and garden. It is ideal for setting out food and drinks for summer parties or for family BBQs and it is a great place to sit and relax as children make the most of the summer sunshine in the garden.

Furniture can be lifted out on to the patio or decking to create extra seating especially for those with large families. Conservatories are also perfect for enjoying the warm summer evenings and a great place to dine in as the sun sets. It allows you to make the upmost of the summer sun, which in the UK can sometimes be limited!

Winter Conservatories

Winter is not often associated with conservatories but with the right glazing installed such as Ultraframe’s Conservaglass it is now possible to enjoy your conservatory all year round. A well designed conservatory with an Ultraframe roof will keep the heat out in the summer and the warmth in during the winter months giving you the chance to enjoy the outdoors indoors.

Moreover, a conservatory is a great place to get additional light which during the darkest months of the year can help banish the winter ‘blues’. This means that your conservatory can be the perfect place to enjoy your Christmas celebrations with the back drop of a snow covered garden adding to a magical day.

Find Your Nearest Conservatory Installer

Our conservatory systems comprise the very latest in innovation to stand in line with the demands of the modern age. This means that they lead the way in terms of quality and design, standing as the result of our heavy investment into research and development. You won’t have to settle for anything less than the very best.

Find your nearest Approved Ultra Installer to install market-leading home improvement solutions into your home. We are proud of our Installer Network, vetting and testing all of our Ultraframe specialists before we approve them. It’s never been easier to enjoy leading standards of professionalism, reliability and efficiency.

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