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Conservatory Roofing Options

15th March 2018

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What Are Your Conservatory Roof Options?

Researching the best conservatory roof options can be a time-consuming task. There are so many avenues to explore, and this can make the decision process quite time-consuming – not to mention stressful.

Fortunately, Ultraframe can provide its customers with a range of conservatory roof options, each of which provides a set of clearly defined benefits designed to make the buying process as easy as possible.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Options

Livinroof Replacement Roof

When exploring the range of conservatory roof options available, you may have felt the need to choose between a solid or glass-based system. With Ultraframe, you won’t have to make that compromise. That’s because the Livinroof harmonises the best attributes of glazed and solid conservatory roofs, resulting in a product that allows for the insertion of shaped glazing wherever it's preferred.

Internally, an insulated pelmet – into which can be fitted lights and speakers – contributes to the creation of a real room feel that will reward you with an environment you’ll be able to spend time in at any point in the year.

Performance Glass Replacement Roof

What other conservatory roof options are available when you choose Ultraframe? The Performance Glass Replacement roof can block out as much as 83% of solar rays, thanks to the high-performance glazing used in its design.

Because it uses our ever-popular Classic roof as the basis for its design, this is one of our conservatory roof options you’ll want to explore. Rigorously tested to ensure water tightness, and built to anticipate snow and wind loading, this is a system built to last. You can also customise your replacement conservatory roof by choosing from a range of four different cornices and bespoke colours in aluminium or foils.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost

Ultraroof Replacement Roof

Having explored our conservatory roof options, you may have discovered the similarity between our Livinroof and Ultraroof replacement systems. The key difference is that the latter of these accepts full-height glazing or the introduction of Velux windows, so you’ll have more control over the design and how you introduce light into your new room space.

The Ultraroof may stand out as one of your preferred conservatory roof options because it has been fire tested by Warrington and meets fire regulations – B-roof, according to EN 13501-5:2016; and AC, according to BS476-3:2004.

Some Other Conservatory Roof Options

If you’re not looking for a replacement conservatory roof, have a look at our:

  • Ultrasky Roof. Create an orangery roof style with this versatile system, which is stronger than equivalent products available on the market and uses an integrated structural goalpost to create spans as wide as 6.5m.
  • • Ultrasky Lantern. Because it uses fewer bars, this is one of our conservatory roof options that stands out. Its slimmer profile, coupled together with its market-leading strength, makes it an ever-popular choice for homeowners.
  • • Quantal. This aluminium conservatory roof is strong, aesthetically outstanding, and delivers superb thermal performance, which is achieved in part due to its externally sleeved aluminium and foam insulation.
  • • Veranda. Of all the conservatory roof options we offer, this one stands out more than most. The oversails create a distinctive look and a refuge area where you can take shelter during inclement weather.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Prices

Conservatory Roof Options: FAQs

Can I Customise My Conservatory Roof?

All the roof systems that we sell can be customised to suit your requirements. Your Ultra Installer will be able to talk you through the conservatory roof options that are available for your preferred product. Why not find your nearest installer today?

How Long Will My Conservatory Roof Last?

Our systems are highly durable. In many cases, our products are built from aluminium, which is an incredibly durable material. Whatever conservatory roof options you choose, your purchase will be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Do I Need to Replace My Entire Conservatory?

Not necessarily. If your frames and doors are functioning normally, but your room is the wrong temperature, it’s likely that your conservatory roof is the root cause of the issue. Your Ultra Installer will help you explore the options available.

How Quickly Can My New Roof be Fitted?

Products like our Ultraroof and Livinroof are pre-fabricated offsite to minimise disruption caused by messy cutting and noise. Your Ultra Installer will be able to explain your conservatory roof options and estimate the installation time for your product.

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