Benefits of using a loggia as a home office instead of a shed

Benefits of using a loggia as a home office instead of a shed

Telecommuting is on the up. As petrol prices continue to rise, more and more of us are eschewing the daily trek to the office and using modern technology to connect with our work PCs at home, or simply using a home computer for business.

If you're a seasoned work-from-homer, you'll understand how important it is to have somewhere to work that's free from interruptions. There's nothing more embarrassing than having a crucial client meeting interrupted by your wife coming in to see if you want a cup of tea, or your children arguing over who can pick what to watch on TV.

Those who don't want to splash out on a home extension usually find themselves confined to the garden shed. Whilst there's nothing wrong with working in your garden shed - children's author Philip Pullman wrote his bestselling trilogy 'His Dark Materials' in one after all - getting it 'office-ready' can prove costly. You're going to need power (including lighting) and heating. As sheds are hardly known for their insulation, heating during the coldest snaps of winter will be very expensive.

If you're serious about establishing a home office, you should consider the benefit of investing in a loggia. A loggia is a type of glass extension influenced by the architecture of the Italian renaissance. It is typically constructed using firm, square columns and tall glass panels with a classic glass roof design. It creates a roomy and airy working space that'll make working seem less of a chore and more of a hobby.

In addition, as a loggia is effectively part of your house, you're only ever a few steps away from urgent calls of nature and replenishing your coffee mug. Far better than trudging through the snow from your icy garden shed.

Be the envy of your virtual coworkers with a loggia office room. How many people can say their daily commute takes a few seconds?