10 things that could adversely affect the value of your home

10 things that could adversely affect the value of your home
Whilst it has been shown repeatedly that installing a quality conservatory, orangery or loggia can help add value to your home, when the time comes to sell we thought we’d take a look at 10 common pitfalls to be wary of that can have the reverse effect.
1. Poor kerb appeal
We all judge a book by its cover, so make sure your home is looking its best when you come to sell it. Give it a lick of paint, add a few plants (put them in tubs and you can take them with you), and make sure your guttering looks as smart as possible. A quick pressure wash of the driveway can also instantly improve looks.
2. Noisy neighbours
If your neighbours have a habit of partying hard and blaring music out at all times of the day and night, your property value could well be affected. A survey by Halifax found that antisocial neighbours can slash the price of your home by up to £31000. Ouch!
3. Horrible histories
No one wants to live in a house which has been the centre of a crime scene. If, however, someone has passed away in your house and that's why you're choosing to sell, it's probably best to be up front about it.
4. Chuck out the chintz
Some people simply can't see beyond bad taste no matter how hard they try. If your house is kitted out in top to toe florals you might want to change it for the viewings. A simple palette of muted neutral tones is best when it comes to attracting potential buyers.
5. Developers
Your home may well be in a beautiful little village looking over an empty field, but if that field suddenly has workmen digging it up and planning a new housing estate on it, your property may well become less appealing. If you object to a development you can always complain to the local council.
6. Schools
Many families look to move so as to be in the right catchment area for a good school. If your local school gets a bad Ofsted report your home may well become much less desirable.
7. Crime
If there's been a spate of crime in your area it could well hamper your chances of getting a decent price for your home. Potential buyers can check out crime rates on websites such as upmystreet.co.uk so if you're concerned why not set up a local neighbourhood watch group?
8. Dodgy extensions
If you've failed to get planning permission for certain home improvements you'll have broken the law. When it comes to selling it will be the new owner's responsibility to rectify that. Therefore they may well choose to go elsewhere as sorting out past problems can often prove costly.
9. Bad kitchen/bathroom
It's always the kitchen and bathroom that buyers look to first. If either of these is in a poor state you could be looking at having thousands knocked off the price of your home. If you haven't got the cash to change it, try sprucing it up with paint and a good clean.
10. Flooding
Think of the poor residents of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire - they've had to deal with numerous floods in the past few years. As a result, what was once a highly desirable place to live now has to contend with flooding problems and thus a reduction in house prices. The changing global climate is to blame but that's something none of us can do much about.