A conservatory is a great place for parties!

A conservatory is a great place for parties! | Ultraframe Conservatories

Helen lives in a 2-bedroomed bungalow and decided to add a conservatory to provide extra space for entertaining, whilst enjoying the scenic views to the rear of the property at any time of year.

She decided on an Ultraframe gable-fronted conservatory, which uses a box gutter to affix to the low eaves on the bungalow, whilst providing an amazing amount of roof height from the inside.

The conservatory features a glass roof to flood the adjoining rooms with light and allow uninterrupted views of the views beyond and the sky. A thermostatic roof vent ensures that a constant flow of air is maintained within the conservatory - all Helen has to do is choose the temperature that she wants to roof vent to open at. A sensor on the outer casing ensures a speedy automatic closure should it start to rain whilst the vent is open.

A comfortable sofa and a large dining table ensures there is plenty of space for entertaining in comfort and style. The contemporary neutral colour scheme is complemented by an Ultra Select internal fascia trim, which is unique to Ultraframe, and can be changed quickly and easily, should Helen introduce a new internal colour scheme.

Ultraframe gable style conservatory

Helen commented: "My conservatory has been a fantastic addition to my house. Because the bungalow is quite small, this extra room has made a huge difference to the amount of living space I have and allows me to enjoy the views of the countryside behind my house all year round. I use the conservatory for dining, relaxing and entertaining friends - in fact, as these photographs show, I have even hosted a hen party in here!"

Your Ultraframe conservatory - a unique place to host a party!