Conservatories through the Seasons

An Ultraframe conservatory is a joy throughout all the seasons of the year


Seasons | Ultraframe Conservatories


While your garden and patio are wonderful places to relax during the summer months, the British weather means that for the most part we can’t enjoy them as much as we would like to. Yet, by adding a conservatory to your home, it will not only give you the extra space you have always dreamed of, but it will bring the outdoors into your home to create a unique living area that can be enjoyed all year round, whatever the weather!


To make sure you get the most out of your conservatory, the conservatory environment – temperature, airflow and condensation – is crucial, and Ultraframe have carefully designed their conservatories to ensure premium comfort. Adam WIlde, Ultraframe’s Marketing Manager says: “Ultraframe has always made a virtue of the ventilation systems in its conservatory roofs and is the only manufacturer to provide ventilation as standard on all its roofing systems.”


Using Ultraframe’s Conservaglass, which is specifically developed for UK weather conditions, ensures that solar heat is kept out in summer whilst maintaining warmth from heating appliances in winter. Plus, patented Ultraframe ventilation systems such as trickle ventilation ensures that the air continues to circulate, minimising condensation.


Adam adds: “We understand that homeowners depend on us to turn their dreams into an all year round reality. By providing a selection of ventilation solutions, combined with our market leading products and design techniques, an Ultraframe roof can ensure comfort for conservatory owners whatever the weather.”


So, relax and enjoy your winter garden as if it were summer, take pleasure in the vibrant colours that the British spring and autumn bring to our gardens or sit with a chilled drink in the warmer summer months. Our roofing products are the most thermally efficient on the market, ensuring that you’ll be comfortable in your conservatory all year round