Veranda Glazed Extension Styles

Veranda glazed extensions can be executed in a number of different ways:

  • between two walls of the same length
  • between two walls of varying lengths
  • on top of glazed side frames
  • mono pitch or duo pitch


The illustrations below indicate just what exactly can be achieved with the Veranda glazed extensions


Cream Veranda glazed extension Gable veranda glazed extensions Veranda glazed extensions
Veranda glazed extension Veranda glazed extensions Green veranda glazed extensions



There is an interesting array of colours which can be selected for external or internal use on the Veranda glazed extensions



 Veranda glazed extension- White  Veranda Cream  Veranda Glazed Extension- Sage Green
 Veranda Glazed extension - Fir Green Veranda Glazed Extension - Grey Veranda Glazed Extension- Black