Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

If you live in a AONB you will need to apply for planning permission before you build your conservatory.

There are 47 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can find out if you live in one by going to If your home is viewable from within an AONB’s boundaries you may still need planning permission so it is always worth checking with your local council before any work or plans are drawn up. If you live in Scotland AONB are known as National Scenic Areas (NSA). You can find out if you live in one by going to

If you do live in an AONB then you need to contact your local council and speak to a planning officer or conservation officer whose job it is to maintain the AONB and they will be bale to offer you expert advice on what you need to do to get permission for your conservatory. The design and materials that your conservatory are built from will have a major effect on whether you get planning permission. The conservatory will need to blend in with the building as well as the surrounding area so materials such as polycarbonate are frowned upon compared to glass. You will need to use local materials such as natural local stone rather than brick for the base for instance to insure you maintain the harmony of the area.

Please remember if you live in an AONB you will also need permission to knock down an already constructed conservatory. It is always best speaking to your local council before undertaking any work.

Your local Ultra Installer will be able to help and offer advice on the design and construction of your conservatory as they will have dealt with the local council in the past so will know the do’s and dont's of building a conservatory in your area.