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Buying a house with an existing conservatory?


Generally, when buying a house that has a conservatory already attached, the conservatory should be covered by your standard survey (building society survey right through to an all encompassing full structural survey).

If in doubt, specialist fenestration surveyors exist to help. To see details on just one firm of specialist surveyors click here.(


Inherited conservatory testimonial

*We inherited our conservatory with the house seven years ago and it rapidly became our main daytime room throughout the year. Over time the polycarbonate roof collected large numbers of flies inside it and the material began to darken making it very gloomy in the lounge, which allowed access to the conservatory. Additionally, after some years we began to notice condensation in some of the sealed units forming the sides. About two years ago we had one unit replaced followed by a second some months later.

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At around the same time I noticed that a hole had appeared in the top of one roof panel although it wasn’t leaking. I patched it, short term, with gaffer tape and we began looking at options for repairs.

We obtained two quotes which didn’t proceed for one reason or another and eventually asked a local company to have a look with a view to replacing the roof and, if possible, increasing the light to the lounge. They noticed the condensation in the sealed units and suggested that the cost of replacing the structure on the existing base would not be far different to doing the roof and side panels separately. The existing structure tended to get very hot as ventilation was limited to two quarter lights on one side and a sliding door on the opposite side. They recommended “Ultraframe” for the roof as a solution to both heat and light problems.

The quotes we were given covered a) roof only in polycarbonate or glass, b) glass to ground sides, c) brick and glass sides. All using the existing base and tiled floor. Our decision was to go for the glass roof and glass to ground sides with ventilation on all panels and double opening doors on the front rather than a door at the side.

So far the new conservatory has met our expectations; we have more light in the lounge, it is cooler and easier to ventilate and appears to be much larger even though it is exactly the same base. *

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