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Our Ultraframe Conservatory is an Extension to our Garden

5th January 2018

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System: Conservatory

The Timms family have added a contemporary, hipped, lean-to Ultraframe conservatory to their home. This is a variation on the standard lean-to style where each end of the conservatory slopes downwards to give a more decorative effect.

The family decided to have a conservatory installed as they needed a study area where they could use computers. They decided to convert their existing dining room into a study area and now use their conservatory as a place to eat all their meals.

The Timm’s garden backs onto a beautiful rural setting, and many types of birds are attracted into their garden. The ventilation, which is included as standard in all Ultraframe conservatories, means they can enjoy this relaxing scenery all year round!

A Closer Look at the Lean-to Conservatory

If you want a lean-to conservatory like the Timms family, you should keep reading for more information about this ever-popular design and a further explanation of the terms covered in this short case study.

Myth: A Lean-To Conservatory is Only Suitable for Small Properties

Because the lean-to conservatory conforms to a square or format, it is ideally suited to smaller or one-storey homes. The pitch of its roof can easily be adjusted to fit under the eaves of a home too, which means it’s ideal if you own a bungalow or similar-styled property.

Although a lean-to conservatory roof can be installed at a pitch as low as 2.5°, it can also be elevated to 30°. This can be exceeded using the right structural supports, which means this design can be used for larger properties – not just those with limited building space.

In any case, the shape of lean-to conservatory means that no square footage is wasted. Converting this design into a dining room or lounge is fully achievable. You’ll be able to add value to your home by creating more space when you choose this versatile product.

Understanding the Importance of a Hipped Conservatory Roof

If your home is one-storey in height, you don’t have to limit yourself to a flat roof. Adding a sense of presence to your lean-to conservatory will be easy if you ask Ultraframe to choose a double hipped roof in place of a flat design.

Because a double hipped roof is pitched on both sides, any home can accommodate this style. This means its compatible with height-restricted properties and can be built in any style – including Edwardian and Victorian.

When you choose an Ultraframe roof, you’ll be able to select from a wide range of products. The Ultraroof allows you to choose between traditional or contemporary roof tile capping around the hipping and ridge-section.

The Ultraroof – like its cousin, the Livinroof – is a solid conservatory roof system that can include glazed sections to improve interior illumination. The former of these two designs can also incorporate beautiful Velux windows.

The Importance of Ventilating Your Lean-To Conservatory

The Timms family were able to enjoy their conservatory all year round because it was well-ventilated. Ventilation helps to prevent the build-up of condensation, which can lead to a range of damp-related problems – including mould.

All Ultraframe conservatory roof systems include trickle vents as standard, which encourage the uplift of warm moist air that’s then filtered outside. You’ll also be able to upgrade to manual or automatic roof vents to improve airflow.

Ventilating your conservatory will be easy when you choose bi-fold or sliding patio doors. Both these designs can be opened to near threshold length to provide superb views of the outside (perfect if you’re an avid birdwatcher like the Timms.

To ensure continual airflow when the doors and windows are closed in summer, you’ll be able to ask your chosen Ultra Installer to fit decorative ceiling fans. Your conservatory’s high-performing glazing will block out most solar rays to keep you cool.

Designing Your Ultraframe Conservatory – Some Pointers

To make the most of your new space:

  • Limit your use of furnishings and keep them to the edges
  • Use bright colours where possible to reflect natural light
  • If you can, use aluminium, as it allows for more glazing
  • Use floor-to-ceiling glass where possible to maximise light entry
  • Include self-cleaning glass that burns off residue automatically
  • For an authentic look, use coloured woodgrain foils in your design

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