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NJ Rawlins & Sons: Performance Conservatory Installation

26th January 2018

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Location: Bridport, Dorset
System: Performance Conservatory

Nancy Vickers and Rachel Gershfield – best friends for over 30 years, moved to their bungalow in Bridport in November 2012.  Whilst they settled quickly into their new property, enjoying uninterrupted views of the English Channel, they both missed the conservatory on their previous property.

Rachel explains:

“Our old conservatory was exactly that, old!  When it rained we couldn’t hear each other and during the winter months we were unable to use it because it was so cold.  So whilst we knew we wanted a new conservatory, we both realised that it had to outperform our previous conservatory and it had to have all year round usability.” 

Having recently had a new garage door fitted by NJ Rawlins & Son, they approached Nathan once again and discussed the options available to them to have a new conservatory installed.  Nancy and Rachel were adamant that Nigel was clear on the limitations of their previous structure, which Nigel was happy to take on board.  In response, Nigel was able to position an Ultraframe house extension as the perfect solution.  Immediately, Nancy and Rachel were drawn by the high thermal performance capabilities of these designs, the choice of design and colours, the speed of installation, not to mention the cost versus a traditional brick and block extension system.  As Nathan was able to show Rachel and Nancy what it would look like on their bungalow with the use of the iPad app, they were delighted with the look and proceeded with their order. 

Rachel said:

“It was very exciting to be able to see what it would look like before it was built.”

The build soon got underway and as Nathan explained:

“We have been in business for over 40 years and it is by far the best conservatory I have ever installed, it took just 2.5 weeks to complete which included all the base work and finishing detail.  The completed house extension looks terrific.  Nancy and Rachel live in a beautiful part of the country and they are surrounded by an incredibly discerning community, as I understand it, their extension has become a real talking point – for all the right reasons.”

Rachel and Nancy are thrilled with their house extension and as Rachel explains:

“It was amazing how quickly it was built, and there was very little disruption.  Like any building project you always anticipate a few hitches here and there but this entire build was problem-free.  Nathan and the team were very professional and it was a pleasure having them build our Thermally Efficient Extension. 

We were sad to leave our old home, but now we are really happy, Thermally Efficient Extension has increased the enjoyment factor of our home significantly.  We could understand the logic of the thermal columns, but in reality, you only really know how good something will be when you’re sitting in it. 

Truth is we quite often enjoy our Thermally Efficient Extension late at night as it really is the warmest room in the house.  We love to entertain our new friends with cream teas, and if I’m honest we do show off a little. We would highly recommend Thermally Efficient Extension, there really is a Thermally Efficient Extension for everybody.” 

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